With the ring of the alarm, I wake up and it is nine in the morning. The best part of my day is waking up next to her and when I see Elena sleeping in bed it becomes impossible for me to hold back. I pick my boxers and pants and goes to bathroom. After five minutes I come out and decide to wake up Elena and go close to her ears and say, “Good Morning sweetie”. She opens her eyes and smile. Her smile is beautiful than stars. Good morning, Honey! It’s Sunday come and sleep with me for another hour. she insists.  I am always in the mood for you but not today because I need to go for an urgent meeting with a client. He has specially come from Scotland to discuss about the project and don’t forget that we have to visit my parents’ house today. They have called four of us for dinner. Enjoy your day and I will come and pick you up by 5pm in the evening. I kiss her forehead and when about to leave she calls and asks me to give her gown. I turn back and in spite of giving her gown I snatch her bedsheet and she shouts with surprise. What have you done? You Jerk! She cries. I am pleased to see you naked and laugh. Bye! Be ready by Five.


While driving I call my business partner and best buddy Weston Orlando and informs him that today we have to go for dinner and just called you to remind because I am leaving for a meeting. Why have you schedule a meeting on Sunday? Can’t you relax for a day! he yells at me. You know me when it comes to important venture, I cannot wait for the working days. You should be happy that I have given you weekend off. Thanks a lot buddy! If I would work on Sundays, Carol would kill me and none on the earth could save me not even you, my friend.  Alright, ask Carol to come along with you.  My dad has invited four of us. I hang up. In minutes I reach the famous hotel of California where Mr Simon was waiting for me.


Hello! Evan Rayson! How are you? Thank you for coming. I really appreciate your dedication towards work. I will be very happy if the famous and the talented architect of the city will design my new house. Oh! Mr. Simon don’t be formal and you know that you are important to me. Your dad and my father were friends and I will be happy to work for you. Let’s discuss the main points and other details you can send to my office. As you know I want you to design my house in Georgia. I have decided to settle down there with my partner Logan. We need a design of sixteen century architecture and as it is a huge area so my partner wants ecological features and the use of Latin marbles. Oh! It sounds interesting. Next week, I will come to your city to see the place and finalise the things. Thank you, Mr. Simon. Please call me Simon only. Okay. My father has called us for a dinner tonight if you wish to please join us in the evening. Thanks for the invitation but not today. Give my regards to Mr Benjamin. Soon I will come to meet him and it is pleasure meeting you.


It is seven in the evening and we four friends gather in a beautiful farm house which is five hundred miles away from California where my father Benjamin and mother Victoria live and enjoy peaceful life. My mother hugs Carol, Weston, Elena and me. We all sit for dinner and seeing all of us together my mother has tears in her eyes and she says that I am pleased to see love birds together. It seems like love is in perfect shape. So, when are you planning to marry? Oh! Come on uncle Ben! Let it be surprise, Am I right Evan! Yes, I am not in a mood to marry now. We are enjoying living together. But my boy I want to see my grandchildren.  Victoria says with a smile. Then suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is Sarah, my childhood friend. It is being a long time we haven’t seen each other. We all were surprised to see her. She always looks charming and beautiful as ever. She smiles and we hug each other. I notice the expression of Carol and Elena change as if they have swallowed something bitter.



It saddens me to remember that Sarah recently lost her father and I and Evan were not there at that time when she needed us because we had to go to France and after our return, we were told that you left for Australia. Weston explains the situation. It’s okay guys uncle Ben and aunt Victoria were of great help at that time. I was feeling lonely because few years back I lost my mother and now my father. Therefore, I decided to take a break and thought that change of environment can do something good and moved to Australia. I could clearly see the sadness in her eyes. It seemed as if she is going to cry. Oh dear! Weston and I suddenly stand and sit around Sarah. You need not to feel alone when you have a family.  I console Sarah and Weston asks her to join our company because she is excellent in dealing public relations and told her not feel solely because we are your family too. Victoria wipes her tears. But meanwhile I notice Elena and Carol face and introduce Sarah to both of them. Sarah, she is Elena my girlfriend, and she is Carol my sweet heart, Weston says with a big smile. Hello Sarah! It’s nice meeting you. We never knew they have a childhood friend like you! Elena says while looking at my face.


 I know Elena for two years now, and could easily understand her expressions. She hates when I hide things from her. I wondered what Carol was thinking as much as I know her, she is not that possessive but today she looks weird. Sarah! Carol my life, is a superb event organiser, she organises h-town celebrity parties. Weston saves the situation by praising her because she loves to be praised in public although it is a lie but doesn’t matter because to my knowledge, she once organised Tom Cruise party because of my connections. She basically organises business parties and marriages for common people. What about you Elena? Asks Sarah? You must have heard my name I am a big name in the fashion world famous ‘Elena Patterson’.  She finishes her drink in one sip. I don’t know much about fashion industry Sarah replies. No problem, Sarah you will see the magic of Elena very soon as she will gift you a dress on your birthday which comes next month. Elena is triggered at once hearing this but I enjoy the situation.


Then it is decided that Carol will organise your birthday party and Elena will gift you a dress from her latest collection. Weston holds the drink and everyone cheers up. As dinner comes to an end, my mother Victoria, plays a song and father Ben raises a toast and the air is filled with love. My mother plays her favourite George Benson song on piano:


Nothing's goanna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you
The world may change my whole life through
But nothing's gonna change my love for you

 I really wonder that how my mother loves my father endlessly from her childhood apart from having such differences in their relationship. she never gives up. She is a brave woman. I remember the days that how my father was addicted to alcohol in his young days because of bankruptcy. He always humiliated my mother but still she managed and convinced him for a rehab treatment and slowly she tried to make things better. And eventually my father realised that he is incomplete without her. Now they have been together for thirty years of life. Sometimes, I think would I be able to love Elena that much. Suddenly, I get distracted by the applaud and come back from my past memories.

Dad, today I met Simon and next week I will be going to Georgia to design his new house. Go Son his father and I were great friends. You must give your best and I have no doubt on your talent.  He hugs me and my mother kisses on the forehead. They also shower their love on my other three friends. Sarah you are always welcome in our company as PR and never forget that we are always there for you Weston says to her. Seeing Weston’s attitude towards Sarah, Carol is jealous and I thought in my mind that after reaching home he will be chopped into pieces and tries to hide my smile but Sarah refuses to join as she wants to fulfil her past responsibilities for now. She says that we both are great friends to her and in future if she changes her mind, she would let us know. You are always welcome Sarah! We will meet on your birthday next month and I hug her and we all leave for our home.


After a long silence, Carol shouts that how dare you promised her a birthday party without asking me and explodes on Weston like a bomb on the road. Darling! she is our dear friend and we were trying to make her happy. She seems to be more than a dear friend and Elena also joins Carol while looking at me.




She has lost her parents and is feeling alone, so what friends are for? We were just trying to make her happy and you should feel good that your lover is sensitive, Weston kissed her cheeks while saying. I am not in a mood to continue this conversation says Carol. I know Weston is more emotional and sensitive than me. He always tries to make his dear ones happy. Sometimes, I think if Carol leaves him how would he manage because I know he loves her so much. I stopped the car as we reached Weston’s place, they wished goodnight and went inside. After few minutes when we reach home Elena bangs the door of the car and without saying a word she slips into the bedroom. At once, I understood that this is silence before the storm.  I closed the door and our dog Nubby come and hugs me. I spend some time with him and went to bedroom hoping that clouds may have passed silently.


As I entered the room, she closed her eyes and pretends to sleep, leaving her nighty unbuttoned and even she doesn’t remove her makeup. I put bedsheet on her to make her comfortable and kissed her forehead. But suddenly she opens her eyes and turns face towards me and asks about Sarah that why I didn’t talk about her earlier? I took long breath and reply that it is more than two years that I didn’t see Sarah. That’s why didn’t find it important to tell you about her. Anyone who is attached to your life is important for me to know. Understood! She shrieks and don’t ever try to hide anything from me. Alright, my love I kiss her lips and her anger melts and we both in one bedsheet and she hugs me tightly and closes her eyes. I ask her to remove makeup and she says that I remove it with my skills and I understood her intentions in her cunning smile.


Next morning, Elena leaves early. I was having breakfast and reading newspaper when my phone rings Hello Evan!  Simon. I have sent the details of my home project through an email. I am going back to Scotland.  You enjoy some fresh air of Scotland and I will be in Georgia next week only because I have some business commitments here for this week. Evan, actually my partner Logan is in California right now for work. I want you to meet with Logan and you will get to know more about our home project and soon you can start the work. Simon explains the situation. Your partner can come to my office and we can detail the plan because I can only manage to come next week. Alright Evan! I understand and Simon hangs up the phone.


So, Weston you have come one piece, I thought you would be in a hospital after what happened last night, I tease him. Oh! Come on man I love her and she loves me too. I will be happy even if she cuts me into pieces. Elena is more possessive than Carol and I wonder how did she react after you asked her to design Sarah’s birthday gift? Weston asks. Well, she is, but she understands that Sarah and I are childhood friends. She just didn’t like that why I never told her anything about Sarah before and I promised her that this will never happen again after all she loves me and I love her too. While saying I felt as if I am testing myself though I know I love her but…. I love her! Weston, lover boy, concentrate on work now. You have to handle Norway project because I will be going to Georgia next week for Simon’s project so we need to take meeting with the whole team. Yes, I know, but after few minutes we have lunch says Weston Meanwhile, I get a call from reception that Mr. Logan wants to meet me. Ok, send him in. Who’s logan? Weston asks. Simon’s Partner. Is he a gay? I don’t know I reply.


Chapter -4

After few moments Logan stands in front of us. He is a very good-looking man with green pale eyes, curly brown hair and structured lips, nose, ears. Hello! Evan, he gives his hand. Hello, Mr. Logan meet him, he is my childhood friend and business partner Weston. Hello! Both Weston and Logan greet each other. Logan says,’ Let’s have lunch together’, Weston smiles. Alright Mr. Logan! we will go for lunch I reply. We can go to our favourite place named ‘Swingy’ where every cuisine is available.  I order Russian Salad Oliver, Beef stroganoff, Lasagne, Italian Risotto, Truffles and ask logan to order he goes through the menu deeply and finally orders Sushi and Soba from Japanese cuisine with drinks. Sometime back my favourite international cuisine was Japanese but when I didn’t get any company to enjoy the meal then I changed my taste I tell logan. I don’t think that food really need any company it all depends on the choice of an individual. Last year, I travelled to a distant land and I really liked their culture and food. So, whenever I get a chance, I enjoy the food says he while drinking his mocktail. That’s good! Is Simon your business partner? No, I am an artist, I bring the colours on the canvas he replies.


Alright, Mr. logan as Simon said that you are very much keen to design your house with eco-friendly posture. Yes, you are right! I am very close to nature and my idea of living is that if you have enough resources and you are ready to spend then you must choose to live in the lap of nature because when every morning you see the rising sun you get positive vibes.  What a nice thought! Mr. Logan, Weston says while eating the food. Oh, please call me Logan, I don’t believe in the formalities. Yes, he tastes sushi, he insists me to eat soba my mouth gets filled with its taste I left Japanese food because of Elena as she didn’t like it and never appreciated it. He talks about his travel to countries like Japan and Romania and then I observe that Logan has long fingers with fined nails. A man with muscular and carved body. Damn! Simon is a lucky man; a thought comes to my mind and he notices me laying my eyes upon him. I feel little embarrass, he smiles, he has a beautiful smile. So, you both are childhood friends. Yes, Weston says proudly. We attended same school, same college, same university but different girlfriends and we all laugh. It’s good to have such a friend in life. He says while eating his last spoon of meal.


I need to leave because I have a meeting with manager of art gallery and he is very punctual.  Do you have an exhibition? Weston asks. Yes, in Georgia after four days that’s why I need to go day after tomorrow after finalising all things says Logan and leaves. I pay the bill and we too leave. After reaching office Weston and I talk about him that he seems to be an interesting man. Yes! he is. Now I really want to meet Simon who has got such an amazing partner. I thought he is business minded but after meeting him, I feel he really cares for Logan that’s why he is getting his house designed as per his choice. No, he not only cares but I think he is madly in love with him.  Weston laughs and I didn’t react but deep inside I feel that he is saying the truth.


Today, I met Logan Simon’s partner and he is fond of Japanese food and culture. I tell Elena on the dinner table. Finally, you met someone who likes Japanese cuisine.  Elena busy eating pasta, the only dish she can made. Yes, he is an artist, Simon and Logan have decided to live together in Georgia. It’s great to hear that how much Simon is spending to make his loved one happy. At least learn from him that how to make feel someone special. Why are you comparing me with him?  I am always happy to spend on you my love you know that and I fill my spoon of pasta in her mouth. Yes, I know. After dinner Elena falls asleep and I don’t know why I keep wondering about logan.


Next morning, I tell Weston that I am going to Georgia. What are you saying? What about your meeting with the Turkish client this week? I know you can manage my friend. He only wants to see the blueprint. But why have you changed your mind? Actually, I need to do some research for his house design and I don’t want to delay further. I explain the situation and Weston agrees and I inform Simon that I am coming with logan. He sounds excited to hear that. After a while I receive a call from reception that Sarah wants to meet us.




Sara, how are you dear?  Good to see you! Weston greets and hugs Sara. I am fine, actually I have come to meet a family who is interested in buying my father’s property. We three stand around the table. Hey Sara, if there is any problem you can tell us so that we can help you Weston says. I agree with Weston, we can sort it out. I need to pay off my father’s debt that’s why have decided to sell property of California and will keep my parents’ house for myself and rest of the property will be sold. At the time of his illness, we spend large amount of money for my father’s treatment and then we had losses in the business too. Now, it is a huge amount which needs to be paid off. Sara looks upset while revealing the truth about her father. Why don’t you join us as PR? I again offer Sara and even Weston insists her too. I told you I need some time and my previous employer has also asked me to join back and she refuses again.


I don’t want to take much of your time as I am going home and she prepares to leave. Why don’t you join us for dinner tonight Weston asks Sara? How’s plan Evan? I am ok with it but you know I have to leave for Georgia by 3 a.m. in the morning and before that need to complete some paper work and pack my stuff too. Elena is also busy in her fashion show. You and Carol go for dinner with Sara.  Carol has gone to her mother’s place for couple of days. So, I can go for dinner Weston says with a big smile and Sara smiles back too.

As I reach home Elena wasn’t back home yet and I call her. Hello! sweety where are you? I am busy with some models and will be staying in office today as you know coming fashion show needs more hard work.  Don’t worry about me Evan. Tomorrow, early morning I am going Georgia. I will not be at home when you will be back from work. Ok, no issues have a safe journey and Elena disconnected the call. While packing my things and my laptop. I wondered,’’ when would I be back either in a week or two?’’ I don’t know! I set the alarm and goes to bed. But my eyes refused to sleep. I don’t understand why I changed my plan? Is it because of Logan or work? And if the reason is Logan, then why? I am still confused and then thinks about Sara. Sara is a joyful girl ever since I know her because she is very close to both of us. Now, she really needs someone to make her smile again. I know Weston has taken her for dinner to her favourite place, Bazus an open café with superb music band.


Weston, do you still remember this place? asks Sara surprisingly. Of course! We three always came here and enjoyed their music. After so many years, I have come here with you Sara. Weston orders the food. Why? You have never come with Carol? Sarah gets curious to know. No, Carol likes fancy places and she is more interested in those hip-hop parties and I enjoy with her. Good! Aunt Victoria is right that you four are meant for each other, Sara says with a smile. Tell me, Is there any one special in your life? Not yet, my parents’ sickness never gave me time to think about any one special she replies in a sad tone. Everything happens on time and you deserve the best.  In high school, I remember you had a crush but never told anyone. Weston teases her. Oh! It was just a crush and nothing serious so there is nothing to tell. Let’s dance Sara! asks Weston and holds hand for dance. 

Next morning, I reach airport before time. I see Logan coming to me talking on the phone. Yes, Simon dear! Evan and I have reached the airport and we will join you for dinner and order the delicacies from the famous restaurant and he hangs the phone with a smile. He is asking about our arrival because from last fifteen days I am travelling tells logan. So, he is missing you, isn’t? Yes, he is. He smiles again. You have an amazing smile. I say while looking into his eyes. Evan even you have sparkling eyes and we both complement each other. In a while, there is announcement for departure of our flight and we reach the counter and Logan says that I hope you will enjoy my company while giving the boarding ticket to security personnel. I like you! suddenly my tongue slips and I quickly clarify my words that I mean I like your company.



We get our seats in business class. So, Logan, can I ask you a personal question if you don’t mind?  Of course, Evan, I won’t mind. Simon looks more materialistic sort of a person and you are like flawless nature lover. Well, you must have heard the phrase ‘opposite attracts each other’. Yes! I heard. Sometimes we fight but still we don’t break each other’s heart because he is always ready to adjust says Logan while taking coffee from Air hostess. Why don’t you call your girlfriend? She will enjoy the views of Georgia. Elena is busy in her fashion show therefore she can’t come. Elena is a famous fashion designer, isn’t? Logan sounds surprise. Yes, she is! So, you are with the hottest fashion fiesta of H-Town. Logan sips his coffee. I never think like that for me she is just a normal girl with sexy legs and a good heart.

Evan, I really need a designed home where I can have my art exhibition. Because, I am a person who keeps trying new things for display of my art pieces. Logan changes the topic from love to business. I understand and after seeing the location, I will design an area in your home for your art work. I say this as I know I can do anything to expand my business.

Is designing your passion or you choose it as a profession? Logan asks. Both, I turned my passion into profession, I say proudly.

Logan finishes his coffee and talks about his work. I ask him, ‘Why Simon and you choose Georgia’? He answers at first, Simon didn’t like the idea of moving to Georgia but when his business gave him a positive sign then he agreed. After knowing this I feel contended that he is not doing anything special for his partner as Elene taunted me. From the beginning, I know Simon is more into business now I will tell Elena that I am far better than him and a smile comes on my face. Why are you smiling? Logan notices. Nothing! just like that earlier I thought that Simon is doing everything for his love and I stop in between to avoid being offensive.

Simon does amazing things to show his affection like our new house in Georgia which he is getting designed to my choice. And you know no one is perfect and we should learn to live with imperfections too because this is life. No relationship is perfect. I personally think we should not burden the relationship with high expectations, Logan says calmly. I agree with you. You never miss a chance to impress me. I generally have an argument on relationships with Weston because he is ready to do anything for carol but I tell him that it is not possible to make someone happy always.


Weston hugs Carol when he sees her, she has finally come back from her mother’s place.  How was your vacation with mother? He asks and kisses on her lips. Amazing! she wants to meet you as she is serious about our relationship. Weston again kisses her.  So, when shall I arrange the meeting with mother, Carol asks? Weston holds her in his arms. Very soon, so how was your dinner with Sarah? It was nice she was asking about you. We ate, danced and talked for long time and drags carol closer. You really enjoy being with Sara she gets distanced from Weston and her tone gets clipped. We met after a long time so it is obvious and if you want, we can meet again for dinner. He holds her hand. No, thank you Weston I am tired and need rest. And I am also not in a mood to go outside. She says while leaving the room. Carol, I cook dinner for you, change and come. Weston goes to the kitchen table. No need I am full and she bangs the door. I don’t know why she behaves strange, Weston exclaims.

Just then Weston phone rings and it’s Evan’s number on the screen. Hello! are you fine Weston? I ask him. You sound upset! will you please tell Elena that I have reached safely to Georgia as her phone is out of network. Yes, ‘I will tell Evan don’t worry’, Carol again pissed off Weston replies. Is it about Sara? I ask.  Yes, again Sara, he replies. I am sure you can handle this. I reply. Yaa, I will, do you know Sara had a crush on someone? No, she never told me anything I answer. Today, when I asked her about the guy she said that he is gone now. Who is he? I am curious. I don’t know but I think she is hiding something from us. Weston sounds sure.



I think maybe she likes Peter a guy who was good in sports in high school. But she said clearly that he was just a crush so no need to mock about him. I tell Weston Yes, ‘you are right’! So, how’s Georgia? Have you seen their place? Weston asks. No, I will go tomorrow morning and they have arranged a farmhouse for my stay. I reply. That’s cool, so when will you come back? Any idea? May be in four or five days now I need to go as they are calling for dinner and give my message to Elena and take care. I hang up. As I join them for dinner, I saw Japanese cuisine on the table and was glad to see my favourite dishes.  Evan, you are also fond of Japanese food logan told me. Yes, I do like it but you don’t like it right Simon. I don’t have much problem eating Japanese he replies. Logan comes and prepares dessert. Logan comes with a smile and we begin dinner. Food is delicious. Sushi is amazing, Sashimi is a raw fish and also one of my favourites. Logan says, Simon is more interested in eating grilled vegetables, salad and baked potatoes. You have increased my hunger by talking about mouth-watering dishes I say while eating.

Logan loves to cook and he always try different cuisine if tomorrow you get to eat Indian cuisine, then don’t be surprised. Simon laughs, Simon are you praising me or teasing me? Logan asks while looking at me. Of course, I am just telling Evan that how lucky I am to have you. Simon smiles and Logan smiles back. ‘I think you would have ordered from outside; I mean you were tired because of travelling’. I said to Logan and Simon replies that he wanted to but than Logan told him that you also like Japanese so he decided to cook just to give you a warm welcome. Thanks, Logan, how thoughtful you are! You are welcome, Evan, let’s have dessert.

After dinner Simon and I sit in their beautiful garden to enjoy the view of beautiful moonlight. I hope Logan gave you the details of the project. Yes, he did. Tomorrow I will see your place and begin the work I have got the map and if you can finalise the design then we can start the construction. That’s cool! I know you are the best man I have chosen to design our house. Simon sounds pleased. First, you see and then appreciate. I spoke. Yaa, sure. Tomorrow you go with Logan and he will show you the place. I have an urgent meeting with US Client. Are you workaholic? I ask. Yes, I am! because to enjoy such view we need money too. Logan, is an artist, he doesn’t take much pain to earn money so I need to. I feel that Simon is not complaining but he is just explaining that one should take care of materialistic things too. Then Logan enters the lawn with cups of coffee. No, Logan I am going to sleep, Evan and you can have coffee and he leaves. I took a cup of coffee and my fingers touches Logan’s hand and I feel some energy which excites my heart.


Today, moon is shining in full light, delighting the plants, pointing towards tress and I sitting beside him. I ask logan why don’t You bring the beauty of the night on the canvas? I have already painted these kinds of views and now you are here so you must come to art gallery to enjoy such views he answers. He puts his cup on the table. Definitely, ‘I will come, I have never seen any art gallery show yet’. Because your eyes are accustomed to see fashion shows Evan and he laughs and leaves. I realised that It’s true I have only seen fashion shows because of Elena. In fact, none of these fashion parties ever attracted me. But for the sake of my love, I always go. Now I remember that when I asked Elena to come with me to see baseball match or car racing even though I was a participant in racing but she never agreed to come because it bores her. Weston, Sara and I are sports lover and never missed any match and now I wonder that in two years, I have almost changed myself. I stand and walks slowly towards my room and suddenly stops to see Logan’s and Simon’s bedrooms. Are they sleeping together or doing something? Quickly, I change my thought and move to my room.


 Two hours passed and no sleep in my eyes. I thought it could be because it is a new place and I start walking outside the room and again stand close to their bedroom. It was locked from inside. My subconscious pushes to see through the keyhole on the door. I see the naked Simon is above the Logan and sucking his lips intensely and rolling his nipples from his teeth. The moment he reaches his dick. I removed my eyes and says damn! what am I doing man? I am watching intimate moments of someone. I quickly go to bathroom and wash my face.



Next morning, Weston walking in the lawn and occupied with thoughts about the company, Carol and his life. Then suddenly his phone rings and there is a message from Sarah saying that she has settled in her new house. She asks Weston if he has time, he can come with carol to meet her in the evening. Weston replies he will inform her till afternoon because he knows that it is not easy to convince Carol to visit Sarah but he thinks that they must go and assure that she doesn’t feel alone in her difficult times. He promises Sarah that they would come to her place soon. He thinks of preparing superb breakfast for Carol to begin the conversation over the breakfast. He prepares the breakfast table. Carol comes and sits. He kisses her Good Morning! sweet heart. Let’s start our day with Spanish omelettes and your favourite toast with honey. Thanks Weston, you are full of energy today. I am always full of energy when I see you darling Weston kisses on her cheeks as she sips her coffee.


Dear, you know that I have to organise a party for Peter Garfield. He is a reputed name in stock exchange. Yesterday, I met him and he showed me his personal boat where this extravagant party will take place. All stock brokers of our city will come to this party. Carol continuously talks about the event while eating her toast and Weston watches every expression of her face. I am happy for you honey keep going I am always there for you. That H-Town celebrity event was not much profitable. I hope this party will put me into the pool of well-known event managers of the city. Yaa, it seems that I heard this name before as I can remember he did his schooling from Mathew High School. I didn’t ask because it’s not my concern. Why are you asking? Carol questions. Just for knowledge Weston replies and thought of not putting Carol in unusual conversation to upset her. When is the event?  20TH September carol replies. Sarah’s birthday is on 19th September and why don’t you organise her birthday party Weston says nervously. Oh! please you promised her without asking me and I don’t have time to organise any stupid birthday party. Now you handle yourself Carol points the fork towards Weston while eating omelette. Weston is not surprised because deep in his heart he knew how her reaction would be.


Hello! love birds, Elena says while coming towards them. Hi dear, good to see you! Weston greets and Elena hugs both of them. I will take only coffee Elena says as she sees Weston putting the plate for her.  Why you did not come to my fashion show? I had a meeting just after coming back from my mother’s place and Weston was busy enjoying dinner with Sarah, she taunts. Oh Sarah, Is she in our town? She asks Weston. Yes, she is and she has invited three of us to visit her place in the evening as Evan is not here. Tell me Elena are you interested in going with us?  Weston asks directly. No, I have my own plans if Evan would be here then maybe I think of going but now my answer is ‘NO’. You both go Elena says. Before carol says anything, Weston speaks Yes, we will because we owe her an apology for not celebrating her birthday party. Yaa, I remember I have to give her a designer dress. Don’t worry I will take money from Evan and poor Sarah is a lonely person at least I can buy her a dress. Elena sips her coffee. Weston doesn’t like Elena’s thought about Sarah. Did you speak to Evan? Yes, she replies he is on the way to see the place for which he has gone to Georgia. I wonder what palace his clients demand and her tone is clipped.  Weston wonders that her tongue has no limits.


I have noticed each and every side of the place and Logan explains how he wants their house to be. He briefly explains the things. This place is amazing, the view of sunset above the sea can capture anyone’s heart I say and Logan’s face expression changes by hearing my words. I Know you like this place. I told Simon that Evan will also love this place and he seems so excited. White shirt with black jeans and Ray ban glasses suits him much. I glare at him from tip to toe and last night scene came to my mind and I changed the thought. Logan, I will draw the map and then after you finalise all the things with material to be used then soon, we will start the construction. ‘I wish we go together for new year eve’ Logan says. I will try but as it is a big mansion and it will take time for the work to complete. No problem, Evan he says and hugs me. Thank you for understanding and your kind support. I hug him back as my subconscious says that I was waiting for this to happen. He calls my name but I ignore. Then Logan steps back when he sees the cycle riders passing from the street. Do you want to ride a bicycle? Logan smiles and says come on I will show you the valley on the bicycle. I get astonished to see him, he looks like a child and I go with him and we both ride the cycle on the roads covered with trees on both sides and sloppy mountains far away from the hustle bustle of the city. Plane flying in the sky, the beautiful evening I murmur and he exclaims ‘Yes’, it is!




I remember those days when I used to drive motor bike and cycle.  I was really fond of such things and today after so many years I am riding a bicycle again and it is a wonderful feeling, riding gives me joy. ‘I remember the days when I rode bicycle because I didn’t have enough money to buy any other vehicle’ Logan says when we stop near the place where aeroplanes and helicopters stand. It’s a big place and when I see around, I thank him for making me relive past memories and feel energised again and smiles. Anytime Evan! He taps on my back and we go for dinner to a small café where Simon also arrives and asks about our visit to the place and I told him the whole story and after dinner we all come back to our farm house where we were currently living. They both seem excited and looking forward to move to their new house soon.


At night I call Weston, Hi, what’s up! what about the meeting with the Turkish client?  It was great and they saw our blueprint and soon they will finalise the deal Weston replies. Really, that’s good!  Any other news? While talking to Weston I see from the window Logan and Simon playing lawn tennis. Carol refused to arrange Sara’s birthday party because she has got an event project from Peter. Weston replies and I turn my eyes off from the window. No issues, we all know that your sweet girlfriend is not as good event manager as she thinks she is. Evan, don’t say that. Why not? Remember that H-town party she got the cocktails without knowing their choice. Tom complained me and he only hesitated to be rude to Carol because he regards be as I designed his project and whenever I remember this event my blood boils. Weston understands from my tone as he knows that I am right. Leave it Evan! says Weston. The main thing is that I want to tell is that Peter, her client is our high school fellow. Weston changes the topic.

Oh cool! the guy earned lot of money. Yes, he owns his own boat and Carol is excited for his party. Dude, she is always overexcited every time. Again, looking out of the window, I see them playing. Simon looks tired and sits on a chair and Logan massages his head. I wonder from where he gets such kind of energy that he makes people cosy every time. Well Evan, stop mocking over my girlfriend habits and work. Even Elena doesn’t know her boundaries. According to her Sarah is a poor girl and we both pity on her and she will gift her a designer outfit but will take money from you. I laugh and say that she is limitless sometimes but I will handle her. You must tell Sarah about Peter maybe she still likes him. Yaa, we are going to her place today. I have told carol that we have to apologise to Sarah for not arranging her birthday party. As you wish but I know that Sarah will not be affected by this. I reply. I know Evan but she invited Carol and me to her home and I knew Carol obviously will refuse. So, I tried this tactic of apologising to her so that she goes with me to her, he explains. I laugh, now you learned to play tactics in love also. I will talk to you later; Logan is calling me for a game. Bye, I hang up. 

Logan asks if I want to try some shots. Yes, I want to try. I reply and he smiles. Simon watching us from behind and says that Logan plays well Evan, he practices for hours every day. Simon sitting and relaxing on chair. No problem, I will love to get defeated by him. I hold the racket and ready to play. Simon, my love learn something from him. Logan says with a smile. Yaa, I would love to beat you Logan but fails in order to play with you again.  Don’t you think I do enough for you? In love there is nothing called ‘ENOUGH’ love has no limits. Logan teases Simon. I again agree with you Logan. I hope I also feel something more than enough in love.


Chapter 10

I usually play billiards, but will still try to play from my side. Even I play billiards and snookers, but this game is very tiring says Simon massaging his hand. I like chess but whenever I am out, I love to play badminton, basketball, kickboxing and tennis. Logan plays his shot. You seem to be a sports person. Someday, I will try kickboxing with you and I smile at him. Yaa, sure. It’s very late Logan and tomorrow you have an art gallery show says Simon and asks him to go. He stops and wishes me ‘goodnight’ holding Simon’s hand. Goodnight, Evan, Simon says you should also sleep now. I wish them and see them leaving the lawn. You will have superb night Simon ‘bastard’. I don’t know why I say this, is it out of excitement or jealousy? I question myself. I don’t want Logan to go with him and share bed with him.


Sarah, Carol and Weston drinking coffee at her place. It’s late dear, we need to go Carol puts her cup down and suddenly her phone rings and she leaves us to attend the phone call. Well, Sarah, I hope you don’t mind that I broke my promise. No, not at all even I am not in a mood to celebrate my birthday and you know the reason.  In fact, I had a feeling that carol was not happy at that time when you asked her to arrange my birthday party without asking her. Sarah says on Weston face as she wants to read his expression. It is not like that she is always happy to do such things to make someone happy but for now she is busy with her new event and she is feeling really bad about it. Weston hesitates to speak because he knows that he is lying and lying to Sarah who is his childhood friend. Weston, you know her better, I really don’t mind and no hard feelings, Sarah understands that Weston is lying. Man! she is so adorable that she never does anything to make her friends feel offended says Weston to himself. You know that Carol is handling Peter’s project that ‘Peter Garfield’. Our school batchmate Weston tries to read Sara’s mind. Great! it’s being a long time that we haven’t seen our schoolmates. Sarah seems cheerful. I want to invite him for your birthday Weston says calmly. No need, we will meet him some other time. Come on! Sarah, it’s your birthday, Evan, Peter, Julie, John, you and I. Do you remember him? Of course, We didn’t talk much to Peter because he was good in mathematics, and we only used him to solve our problems and she laughs. Don’t be a spoil spot my friend now time has changed and we all have become sensible. Weston also laughs.


Oh, my sensible friend, why are you insisting to invite him? Just to make you happy. Weston smiles. My happiness is with Evan, aunt Victoria, uncle Ben and you. By the way When will Evan be back? In two or three days he will finalise everything and soon he will join us. Weston replies. Georgia is beautiful, even I want to go there. She smiles again. It is a beautiful place, join our office as PR and maybe then you get an opportunity to go there. Weston seems cunning. Don’t worry! Evan will take me on a holiday to Georgia. I need not to get employed in your company for that. She laughs. Of course, if his supercool girlfriend allows him then I can say he will take you. They both laugh. You are a pig!  Sarah laughs loud. But still, I feel Sarah you need someone to treat you like you are a world to him.  Weston says looking into Sarah’s eyes. So, what do you think? Weston asks. I don’t understand, Sarah questions. I know dear you had a crush on him. Weston reveals that he knows the truth, What? Who told you that? That thin, tall, plain face Peter never fascinated me. Sarah shocked. Who is the one then?  Weston questions.


If your Chitchat is over then shall we leave. Carol asks. I need to sleep because tomorrow morning I have to do some important work. She stares Weston. Bye! Sarah, thanks for the coffee! Carol says. My pleasure, please visit some other time, Sarah tries to look normal. I know Weston will find a way to visit you again, so don’t worry, we will meet soon. Carol taunts. Weston gives an ugly look to Sarah. And they leave. Weston keeps thinking, Is there someone else in Sarah’s life? But who?



The day comes for Logan’s painting exhibition. The place is in the middle of the city far away from the farmhouse where we were living. A big hall, narrow passage along a wall displaying work of art, different styles of paintings attracting lot of audience. I see Logan standing in the middle of the hall and surrounded by large number of people. He is smiling, laughing and explaining his emotions through paintings depicted. Wearing a white shirt with black trousers and a black blazer. I adore him from distance and painting lovers taking selfie with him. I get distracted when I see Simon coming to me and he asks hope I am not getting bore. No, I am not, I reply and ask him what about you?  I am used to his art gallery shows, he replies.  He has huge fan following I say pointing towards Logan. That’s true! and see how these youngsters are trying to flirt with him. Simon shows me two college going guys taking selfie with him and talking and smiling with him. Maybe they are asking about paintings I explain to Simon. Huh, no, not at all! I know these youngsters and their love for painting, it’s all bullshit. Simon face expressions changes. I notice that Simon is not jealous but angry with Logan for entertaining those teenagers.


When you have a handsome and an impressive partner like Logan then it is obvious that he will be surrounded by cheesy people like these comments Simon while looking at me. He says, ‘I met Logan in one of the galleries shows only. I was very impressed with the way he talked to me and we exchanged phone numbers and finally our relationship blossomed’. My last relationship was with a chef which lasted for six months. He used me as an investment source to open his new restaurant. I could see that how frustrated Simon drinks one after another. We do have bad experiences in relationships I say while sipping my mocktail. Don’t you drink? He asks. Not much, sometimes. Actually, I am a fitness freak and my dietician has suggested me to consume less alcohol due to poor liver metabolism. Oh! I see. Hello! Mr. Simon, I am Rodger Murray. Do you remember? Oh, yes, how can I forget you, a big name in stock exchange. Simon greets him and introduces me too. Meet Mr. Evan Rayson the famous architect.  Hello! Mr Rayson my wife is fond of your you tube channel ‘live with house design’. She adores your girlfriend Elena the way she hosts on your channel. Thanks! Keep watching that all I can say. Simon, ‘I want to congratulate Mr Logan for this spectacular show’. Yaa! please come with me. He takes Rodger and again I begin to watch the paintings one by one.

I remember that how Elena interfered in my business even I asked her not to host and show her fashion skills on my channel but how bluntly she refused. Suddenly, my phone rings and I see her number flashing on my phone. Hi sweetheart! what are you doing? I am missing you! Elena sounds low as if she is going to cry. I am at Mr. Logan art gallery show. I miss you too. Deep in my heart I knew that I am lying. I am selecting a dress for Sarah’s birthday coming after three weeks but you know my designer dresses are too expensive. So, I want you to transfer the amount to my account. Finally, she comes to the point. Well, Darling you need not to worry I will do some shopping and will also buy a dress for Sarah from here. I really don’t want you to worry about her gift. Great! You remember to shop for your childhood sweetheart but forgot your love. She talks in high tone. My love, how can I forget to shop for you? I know Sarah’s choice moreover she does not like such fancy clothing so there is no need to buy such an expensive gift. I will buy some simple stuff for her. I feel embarrassed while talking about Sarah in such a manner. That’s true! I already told Weston that she belongs to middle class stuff and these expensive dresses won’t suit her. I didn’t like the way Elena talks about her but in order to not spoil my mood. I change the topic and asks her can we talk tomorrow morning? this place is so crowded and noisy. Ok darling! No problem and again I miss you, I love you! don’t forget. She kisses on phone. I smile and hang up. Yaa, I love her too. I repeat for myself.


Someone taps on my shoulder when I look behind it was Logan standing. Hi, hope you are enjoying! he asks. Yes, your paintings are extraordinary and amazing especially this one. A sad boy, with a bicycle, standing outside an orphanage. I pointed towards the painting. He stares at the painting and tells that this painting is close to his heart because this boy is none other than me. Are You? I get curious to know. Yes, it is a long story. His voice falls. Mr. Logan, Gallery Manager wants to meet you. He leaves and I see him talking to the Manger and then only Simon comes and whispers in his ears and they hug each other and after a while they come to me.   


Chapter 12


Hey Evan, Simon has a business meeting with Mr. Rodger and my show will be over in an hour. If you want driver can take you home. Logan informs. No problem, I can wait. You wind up the show and then we can go together. What will I do alone at home? It is better to be here with you. ‘As you wish’ he says and leaves. Again, I look at the painting and imagine Logan as a small boy. My eyes move to another painting of a beautiful woman holding a kid and his smile is just like him. Oh! I realise that this painting belongs to Logan again. Looking at one painting to another I see a painting of children playing in a garden, a boy drawing and siting by window side, a young guy kissing another guy. I wonder looking at the paintings that what’s Logan story. His paintings give glimpse of his life. May be one day, I get a chance to know his story. I murmur.

I see people going out and within few minutes the hall gets empty with hardly two or three people around. At the end, organisers only remain to close the exhibition and we both leave. Manager again greets and congratulates him for the spectacular show. Logan seems happy and contented. Reporters ask him questions and he quickly answer and finally we manage to sit in the car. He stopped the car near by sea where few couples were kissing, talking and families playing with their kids. We both sit near the sea shore silently watching the sea waves gushing to the shore. I look at him and decided not to disturb his silence so I remain quiet.

After fifteen minutes, he speaks, this show was very important to me. First time, I have painted my life in paintings and opened to the public. I was seven years old when my mother died due to clots in brain. After her death, for couple of months my father showered his love and care on me. Then a sudden change in his attitude hurt my heart. He started seeing another woman and they finally they got married and she refused to accept me and my father also agreed with her decision. She was a daughter of a rich man from a town in Maryland. She asked him to come to her place after marriage but without me.

One night, he explained me everything and he wanted me to understand the situation and finally, a seven-year boy understood his decision and he left me outside the orphanage with my things like bicycle, my birthday gift given by my mom and my drawings. I observed, his voice falls and a line of pain crosses his face but he continues to speak that in orphanage I felt very lonely.  I always cried remembering my mother, her smiling face came in my dreams every day to console me. Gradually, I accepted the reality of life. Maiden noticed that I was good in painting and studies. So, she managed to get me enrolled in the school with fee concession.  When I was seventeen, I got scholarship to study in ART college and I moved to Scotland and gave my bicycle to another kid whose parents died in an accident and his relative left him in the same orphanage. I notice each and every expression of his face.


He further says that in college, I realised that I enjoy the company of guys not girls. Because in school I was shy, shattered and sad so I didn’t talk much. Even in the orphanage I spoke less and was really disturbed to hear every orphan’s painful story and thought that God is cruel towards kids like me. I met a guy name Jink, he is bisexual and he was my first crush, he smiles. He kissed me for first time and I felt like being in heaven. As you saw in that painting. Yes, so you were the one in the painting. I reply. Things were going fine but I when got admission in university. We decided to break up and he chooses a slim, skinny beauty for himself and her name is Stella. In university, I met Lucas, and had a wonderful relationship with him but I broke when he indulged with some lousy drug addicted people and forced me to give money as I was doing a parttime job along with my studies. Firstly, I gave but later refused and asked him to take medications but instead he beat me badly. One day, when I came back from work, he came with four or three goons and asked for money and when I refused, they beat me hard and two of them molested me. Somehow, I managed to run and for the first time I abused and called them bastards. For few days, I managed to escape and after exams I moved to Connecticut.

My life was mess, I was afraid of facing the people with low self-esteem. One day God pitied on me and one of my professors in university reference helped me to get my first job in an art school. From there, I slowly moved on but till day I see nightmares and to cure, I started taking therapies. Finally, I got a chance to have my first art exhibition and it was a big success. After that I had one show after another. People adored my paintings and in one of the exhibitions I met Simon, he is business minded but a nice guy. He looks calm. What about your father? I interrupt and say he never approached you. One day, some time back, I saw him with his new family and when I approached him, he refused to recognize me as if I was a stranger to him. His eyes fill with tears and his voice grumbles. That day, I realise that this man who is my father is selfish, self-centred, and cruel. He never came to meet me in the orphanage and when I used to call, he refused to speak to me. When I was sick and wanted to meet him and insisted maiden to call him. He shattered my all hope and warned not to call again.  That night, I cried bitterly and my heart broke into thousand pieces. The pain I felt was in fact more than the pain I had of my mother’s death. I wish my mother would be alive then I had enjoyed a peaceful and calm life. I become an adult at the age of seven. Tears drop from his eyes and to console him I touch his face. With the touch of my fingers, he loses his control and hugs me and I too hug him tightly just to make him feel that I understand his pain. After a while he releases himself from the grip of my arms and looks into my eyes and I couldn’t resist myself and start kissing him fervently as I want to the taste the bitterness he has in his life. My tongue twists in his mouth and he doesn’t stop me.


Chapter – 13

Almost two weeks have passed and hope he must have completed the work. It’s long time we haven’t talked to each other. I know my friend is a dedicated man, whenever he goes for any project, he gets completely involved in it. Weston says to Sarah who has come to his office to see him.  Evan is always serious about his work because work is passion for him. Expecting him to come back soon and then we three shall go for coffee. I miss him she says calmly. Oh really! How did you survive when you were in Australia? I wonder. Weston smiles. By the way, who is the man? Weston looks into her eyes. Please Weston don’t ask and why have you fix your attention on this topic? I don’t understand. I never ask anything about Carol and Elena so you must also leave this topic. Sarah gets pissed off. Ok cool, if you don’t want, I will never ask again. Alright, finally you decided to join our office. Yes, I have decided to go back to my previous office. From Monday I will join. So thought of spending weekend with you two but still he hasn’t come back.


Why don’t you join our office? Weston asks. Because I think it’s not a good idea to work together because we will party more than the work. She laughs. I know, the reason of your refusal it is because of Elena and Carol or only Carol. Weston you both are dear to me and I don’t want to create any fuss in your life. Carol is a sweet girl and she understands too but I don’t expect this understanding from Elena. Evan doesn’t deserve her anger or anything like that because of me. Sometimes I think Elena doesn’t deserve Evan. Weston says calmly. Why did you say that? She always wants to be in limelight. Her love for fashion industry makes her ignore Evan’s feelings. She always wants Evan to revolve around her. But the good thing is that apart from having so many differences they have been together for two years. Weston replies.

I am sure he is happy with her and loves her too.  Isn’t right? Yes, you are always right dear, now drink your cup of coffee before it gets cold. Talk to him and ask about his plans of coming back. I will call him in the evening. But he won’t come back this weekend, if you want, we two can go for dinner. Weston says while drinking his coffee. No, Carol and you enjoy then. I will go to church.  It is long time that I have been to church. Carol is busy organising the event for Peter and this Saturday she is going to finalise the arrangements with him.  I think you can also go with her and meet him. It feels good to see old classmates but Sarah refuses to go.  Do you want to come to church? She asks Weston. No, I am not interested. Bye! Call me once Evan is back. She hugs Weston and leaves. Weston gets busy with his work. Sarah, you have put me in doubt. He calls Carol and informs that he will also go with her on the boat tomorrow.


 Saturday morning, they both go to Peter’s boat. Peter is a tall, thin guy with beard on his face which makes him look little chubby and attractive. He is in blue shirt with black jeans. He recognizes Weston, as Carol talked about him before. You are blessed with such a talented and beautiful lover. Carol smiles with proud as Peter says while he greets Weston. Yes, I know my baby is so talented and he kisses on her cheeks and Peter smiles. You two talk while I check out the boat carefully. Carol says and leaves. So, Weston, how are you? I heard that Evan and you are a big name in the architecture industry. Peter smokes a cigar and offers him too. But he refuses and replies we are doing our best and hope people like us too. So, you have made good money in stock exchange Weston says while looking at the huge luxurious boat. Birds flying above the head and cool breeze blowing seems amazing and refreshing he says looking at the sea. Do you want something to drink wine, mocktail or Juice? Only red wine. He replies good choice for evening. He asks waiter to bring red wine. Are you still connected with John and Sarah?  Peter asks while inhaling cigar.


John is in England and owns a publishing house there. Last year, he came to California on new year. Sarah’s mother died few years back due to blockage in arteries of heart and few months back, she lost her father too. Sad, I know she has suffered a lot. Peter tone is sad. How do you know? Did she tell you? Weston asks. No. I wanted to talk to her but couldn’t due to work. I spoke to John long back and he told me about her after that I had no communication with him. Where is she now? She was here for couple of months then went to Australia now she is back to California. Red wine arrives and they both sit on the chair and enjoy the cool breeze blowing. You also ask Sarah for today evening to come. Peter says, I asked, but she refused. I think still she is angry with me. Peter takes a sip of red wine. Angry with you? Weston is curious to know.


                                                Chapter -14

On Monday, I will be going back home, same office and the same life as before coming to Georgia. Three weeks have passed and these days have been amazing days of my life. These memories will always remain in my heart. The day I kissed Logan; he was shocked because he expected that I will sympathise him with words only. But when he hugged me, I did not want to say anything and just hold him in my arms and kissed him passionately and I did.  When that moment passed, he looked at me as if I did something beyond his expectations. By seeing his looks, I come back to my sense and said, ‘I am sorry and don’t know how it happened’. I think we should go back home. He said that he understands and we finally came back to our place where Simon was waiting for us. Logan told him that we sat near sea shore for fresh air. He looked angry first but was convinced when he saw my confused face.

 Since that day and till today Logan and I never talked about that night. He is cool as if nothing has happened even. I also don’t feel embarrassed because he told me once that some things are beyond our control and he understands that.  I prepared map of their home which they approved and construction started. I appointed one of my acquittance as a manager to look after each and every detail of the project and will inform me from time to time about the progress of the work.

I know that because of work my life has taken me to this place and I really don’t understand that why I feel like a fallen leaf which has fallen into water and is just following the course of the river. I enjoyed a lot in past weeks and third week has come to an end now. He showed me Rock city garden, Anna Ruby falls, Radium springs garden and the most beloved little Tybee Island. I remember when we went to Tybee Island, he hired a boat. He himself operated the boat and hold my hand when I was about to fall from the boat. His soft and cosy touch, his caring attitude attracts me towards him. My Heart runs like a freight train and I hold my heart beat. We ate, walked in Radium Springs Garden. I told him about my passion and opened my life in front of him.


 This weekend we three will be going to see night life of Georgia. Simon, Logan and I. I wish Simon refuses this time too as he refused earlier of our idea of hanging together. This will be my last outing with Logan and I want to spend some quality time alone with him. I know that Simon likes crowded and loud music places. If he would not be with Logan then definitely Elena and he fit together well. I think and laugh. I love her and she loves me and this is my love story where Logan is also playing an important role with my permission. I come back from my thoughts when I see Weston number on my cell phone.

Hello, dude what’s up? How’s office? People are asking about you and you have made this business trip as vacation with your father’s friend Gay Son and his partner. Weston is in mood to tease me. I talk each day with Elena, my parents. Who else is asking for me then? I answered. Whole office, our clients and Sarah right now I am with Peter. Weston answers in same tone. Good, finally you met Sarah’s crush. No, he was not her crush. She already denied. She doesn’t want to talk about him. Alright, it is  her life. I will come back on Monday night till then bye. I am eager to see the night life of this city. I reply with a smile. Evan, it sounds as if you have found someone else in that beautiful city. Weston laughs and questions him.


No, I have come for work and you know that not for freaking out. I clear it. Who knows my friend where destiny take us? ‘I hang up for now because I have to go from Peter’s place to have dinner with Carol ‘says Weston. Enjoy and give my regards to Simon and Logan. Yaa, for sure I will give all love to Logan don’t worry. Again, my subconscious betrays me and my tongue slips. I am not talking about love. He already has one. Weston laughs. I Understand. Bye! We three go to Lava Lounge which is famous for its great music, different DJ’s and mouth-watering food.

Simon has already reserved a table for three of us. In Grey shirt and blue jeans Logan looks super handsome.  His looks are genetic may be from his mother. Evening starts with Ricky martin’s song ‘Maryia’. The music waves spread in all directions. This time I didn’t say no to hard drinks. Simon is in full mood to dance with his only love. Logan and Simon on the dance floor and one hot sexy girl asks me to dance with her. I smile and join her on the floor. She dances close to me and touches my chest and then my face. Firstly, I hesitate but then alcohol works and I also enjoy the closeness with her. I see Simon in between dancing and kissing Logan and he kissed him again. I didn’t like it, really not. Again, my subconscious acts like a nuts. For him I am just a visitor and who will go back after a day and he was just entertaining me because he wants to be with rich shrewd businessman, Simon Mathew. I pushed that girl away from me but she hovers and begins to kiss me. I was astonished but in rage of jealously, I kiss her back. People nearby watch us. When we both stop, I see Simon smiling but Logan giving me tough look. Why? Is he jealous.? Good, my subconscious question me and I agree with it.


                                             Chapter – 15

Mr Peter, I have checked the boat and done necessary preparations. Next week, 20th September will be your best day Carol assures him with a smile. Please call me Peter only because we are friends now like Weston is to me and don’t be formal. We were classmates Peter not friends Weston corrects him and Peter feels offended. Carol laughs and says that he is just joking. Isn’t dear? Carol stares Weston. No, ‘I am not joking’. he smiles and says it is time to go baby. Let’s go! we have to go for dinner tonight.  Carol holds his hand and says, ‘I remember’. It seems you forgot. They both greet Peter and leaves for dinner. As they sit in the car Carol shouts on him and says, ‘what were you doing?’ Don’t you know he is my business client and very important to me. And you were acting like a jerk. Angrily she looks out of the window.

Weston parks the car outside the restaurant “State Bird Provisions”. Carol still not in a mood to talk and neither Weston in mood to cheer her up because Peter has already spoiled his evening with his nonsense talks. What happened? Who is going to order the food? she asks in a harsh tone. Yes, I am starving too Weston replies to see Carol already boiling in anger. She orders the food. Why did you behave like that? Something happened with him? She asks. No, I only said the truth that he was just our classmates and we shared some notes and books, that’s it! Weston gets pissed off. At least you can consider him as your friend and talk to him politely. Carol says calmly. Carol, if you want to add him to your friend list you can but I am not interested and I suggest you to treat him like a business client only. Weston tells Carol clearly.


I take my own decisions Carol replies with steady eyes. As you wish. They both eat the food and talk about other things. When will Evan come? She asks. On Monday. Weston replies. Good, before Sarah’s birthday. Weston looks at her when she says this and he understands her expressions. Darling, ‘Isn’t it good that we all are there for Sarah’. She says sarcastically and eats her fried chicken. After paying the bill, they leave for home. Carol makes chocolate fudge Weston favourite dessert and they both enjoy eating together. Weston takes her in the bedroom and they make love after sometime Carol sleeps and he kisses on her lips, eyes, cheeks and neck and covers her with a blanket and switches off the light. He puts his boxers and goes to bathroom and takes shower and as he closes his eyes the whole scene comes in front of his eyes of what happened at Peter’s boat.


He remembers the conversation between him and Peter while bathing and why he stopped drinking red wine and bombard Peter with questions about what happened between Sara and him? Why was she angry with him? What happened between them? And Peter replies to his questions that it was a long time back when I liked Sarah, I proposed her but she always treated me as a class fellow or just a friend. At that time, I really liked her so I approached her again but she refused. Out of anger I accused her by saying that she likes Evan. I always saw them together and the way they cared for each other. So what? Weston shouts. We three are childhood friends moreover Sarah and Evan are together from primary school. I joined them in the middle school. This is not the reason; I don’t think Sarah will get angry because of this in fact many classmates teased her taking Evan’s name. But she always smiled and laughed. Weston explains. Yes, you are right. I was wrong. I believe she always hide her feelings for the sake of friendship. I don’t think so. Weston sounds sure. Weston, my mistake is not that I suspected something between Sarah and Evan and he hesitates to speak but when I insist Peter and said that today is a day to reveal old secrets. He takes another glass of wine and says that one day he saw Evan with Sarah’s cousin Mason. Mason was kissing Evan and in fact it seems Evan was also enjoying it. So, I thought he is a gay and when I told this thing to Sarah, she boiled with anger. She thinks that I hate Evan and because of hatred I talk about him like that. But trust me Weston, I saw Mason always trying to seduce Evan and he also enjoyed his behaviour towards him.

 Weston puts his wine down and says now I understand that why Sarah is angry with you because this is totally bullshit. Evan has a girlfriend named Elena. A famous fashion designer. He is in love with her and you misunderstood him. You spoiled my mood Peter but I don’t blame you for that. Weston, I am sorry for what I said, I know it was teenage and we all have change of hormones but that doesn’t mean I have wrong intentions about Evan and I apologise for what I said. Now I am crystal clear about Evan. Thank you so much! Weston stands when Carol arrives. And eventually he comes back to his present and realises that he has enough of shower. He closed the shower, take his towel and comes out of bathroom and sleeps with Carol. He feels relaxed and cosy in blanket with Carol. Let Evan come back because there is lot to talk, he says to himself and sleeps.


Logan leaves the dance floor and comes back to Simon. Evan notices him and comes back to join both of them. So, Evan you are in full mood. Simon says. I think alcohol works. He laughs. Let’s order some food Simon says. ‘I’ll call waiter for order’ Logan says and calls one for order. Simon orders the food but Evan still in mood to dance and asks Logan to dance with him. Simon laughs but Logan is surprised. Logan we can’t say ‘No’ to Evan because today is his day. So dearest go. He persuades him. And they both moved to dance floor. Simon is drinking and talking with others. So, do you enjoy the kiss? Logan asks. Are you jealous? Evan smiles. Why would I? I just thought you are a shy guy who only obeys his girlfriend. No, I am not and comes close to Logan and looks into his eyes and Logan asks, ’Have you ever kissed any man before me? He looks for an answer in my eyes.


                                                  Chapter ::16


Why are you asking this question? You liked me kissing you that day, right! I did not lose my eye contact. Logan looks somewhere else and says,’ I don’t know, I need to ask myself that I like you or not’. I turn his face towards me and say that I really like you, Logan. But the problem is same I also have to ask myself that what I actually want? You are saying all this because you are drunk and as your hang over will be over, it will go away. Simon is calling us for dinner and he walks away and I remain quiet and join them for food.

Next morning, I ask Logan to come for shopping with me. But he refuses and says he has art work to do for which he wants to be alone. I feel that maybe he is ignoring me.  I reach shopping mall and buy gifts for everyone a beautiful dress for Sarah. Sarah will look stunning in this dress. I shop for my mom, dad, Weston, Carol and Elena. After all the shopping, when I walk out from the shopping mall a thought came to my mind that I must buy something for Logan but if he refuses to take it, no matter what and I enter a gift shop and see many things but I wanted to buy something exclusive and suddenly my eyes fix on the statue of a kid holding a hand of lady and in other hand he holds paint brush. I immediately buy it and ask the owner to wrap it beautifully.

In the evening, I find Logan in kitchen, Simon plays piano and like practising something. I go to the kitchen and ask him are you preparing farewell party for me? Yes, it was good to have you here. I enjoy a lot with you says Logan holding a glass of water. I also feel the same for you Logan, in fact the truth is that you are the only reason of my coming early to Georgia. I want to know you. I speak the truth. I think you understand me well. Logan busy making the dish. I still don’t know how you feel about me and continue the conversation. This topic must be closed because you have forgotten that you have a girlfriend and you are just attracted towards me. that’s it! he says. You are going back and you have made your choice Evan. When life becomes a puzzle then one must solve it with patience. Logan says looking straight into my eyes while setting the dinner table. I help him to lay the dinner and dishes looks tasty. Rice, chicken, salad, fries, beef. potato, pork and an apple Pie in dessert. Today, he chooses only American dishes for dinner. I really like his taste.


Come-on Simon calls Logan dinner is ready and we are waiting for you.  So, Evan how was your shopping? We are really sorry that you had to go alone Simon says. No, don’t be sorry! I understand you both were in engaged in your work. I say eating beef. Next time you come with your girlfriend Elena. Simon says smilingly. I notice Logan busy eating. Who knows what future holds? I reply. I am a business man so I believe in making plans. I already planned my life; our house will be ready in months and I will settle legally with Logan. He smiles and looks at Logan. Logan understands his plan but says nothing. I think we must flow with time and see what comes our way. This apple pie is amazing. I speak. You can say like that but still life needs planning like when will you marry your girl? Simon fills his mouth with apple pie. I need to talk to her about marriage and my parents too. I reply. What is Clara doing? He asks. She married last year with Ayden, a diamond merchant. She now lives in Ukraine. I reply eating the last spoon of apple pie. That’s great!


Simon plays piano. Do you know how to play? I ask. Yes, Logan made me learn it though I like it but I always forget because of not practising regularly but still I can play a song for you and Logan can sing. I am not surprised to hear that Logan can sing. He is an artist, he can. Simon plays piano and Logan sings.

You are not so sure

But my love for you is pure

One day you will depart

Breaking my heart apart

You will become a stranger

Everything comes to an end

This thought makes me so suffocated

I know, this time

Love is

Love is


Love is complicated....

Love is complicated


The song is beautiful and the lyrics of song are also written by Logan himself. I get deeply touched by the words. I look at him, his eyes full of emotions. We look at each other. Simon kisses him on lips and seeing this I hold my fist tightly as I wanted to punch Simon badly. But then I change my expressions and take a sip of water to control my anger. They both leave and go to their room wishing me goodnight. I realized that this is my last night in their home. I hope that may be in future I will pick up a good excuse to visit Georgia again as soon as possible. But I don’t think this will heal my heart. I need something else.


I leave early morning to board the flight. Logan and Simon also wake up to give me a final goodbye. But Simon as usual has to go for a meeting and I feel on cloud nine because I will get alone time with Logan. Logan drives me to airport and in half an hour we reached. This time I wanted to travel by my own private jet as I was travelling alone but at the last minute, dad needed the jet for his travel. Finally, I had to take a public flight. ‘Evan! it was wonderful time that I spend with you’. Logan says looking into my eyes. Yes, it was, and I promise you that we will meet soon as still the construction is in progress. Oh yes, ‘I forgot that we met only because of work’ he taunts me. Logan, if you want, we can meet personally. What do you mean if I want? He angrily says. You also know what do you want Evan. You are confused but I am clear that I want Simon only and next month we will get engaged legally. Goodbye and take care! Logan about to leave when I hold his hand and he stops and looks into my eyes. Logan, I have bought a gift for you that will always remind you to be the way you are! And don’t ever change yourself whatever happens. I will miss you and I know that right now I don’t know what I want and after going back from here I will live my old life which will be difficult to live without you. Logan smiles and hugs me. We both hug each other for a while and then he asks me to go.


“I will miss you too’’ Evan!  I heard these words from Logan. I turn around and he was still standing and waving his hand. I smile and goes inside the airport as my flight was going to take off in few minutes but my heart wants to stay with him forever and forever.

                                                Chapter -17


I reach home late night and finds Elena not at home. I think of taking shower and relax because I wanted to clear my head and forget the memories of Georgia. I come out and prepare a cup of coffee. Taking coffee, I moved to lawn and sit down to gaze at the stars. I Close my eyes for a while and suddenly feel the touch of someone’s hand on my eyes and I know it is Elena only. How are you sweetheart? She asks and cuddles in my lap. She kisses on my lips and I smile and slowly wrap her around. Did you miss me? Yes, I did. Now it’s too late we need to go to bed. She takes me by hand and we reach our bedroom. I lay on bed and switch off the light. But she, not in a mood to sleep, changes her clothes and wears sexy lingerie and lay upon me. I was surprised with her sudden move and then she kisses on my lips passionately, her tongue rolls in my mouth. I missed you a lot and she reaches my navel and put her hand around my dick. I really want you to come inside me. For a moment, l get excited and, in a mood, to fuck her and I remove her two-piece lingerie and my t- shirt and lowers and hold her from back. Then suddenly, I see Logan in my bedroom. I get distracted and move her aside. She was shocked to see my behaviour and asks what happened?  Nothing I think I am tired. I reply. Oh, my poor darling I know it was a long journey. Go to sleep and we have ample of time to make love she says while looking into my eyes and gives me goodnight kiss and sleeps by holding me tight and I close my eyes with the hope that now nothing comes to mind again.


Next morning, I reach office early. Evan, how is Simon’s project going on?  Weston asks. Everything is fine and even now construction has also started and soon they will move to their new house. I reply working on my laptop. Why have you come so early to office? You would have spent time with Elena. No, we have lot of time at home to be together and office work is also important too. I avoid looking at Weston because I know he will understand that I am hiding something from him. ‘You are workaholic’. Says he and reminds me of Sarah’s birthday and tells that he has decided to celebrate her birthday at my parent’s place as Carol has refused to celebrate and moreover, she is busy with that idiot Peter’s project. So, it’s better we all celebrate her birthday at uncle Ben farm house only. I look at Weston and say it’s fine with me but why do you call Peter an idiot? I ask. He thinks Sarah and you had an affair when he proposed her in high school and she refused. What! he talks bullshit just ignore him.  Yes, I know, he also told me that he saw you once with Sarah’s cousin in high school. In fact, he thought you were interested in guys not girls. Hearing this I was astounded and feel that someone has pushed me hard on my back and I fell on floor. What! Don’t pay attention to him, he is really an idiot. I know Evan that he is just creating a story in his mind and now he knows that you are engaged with Elena he feels embarrassed about what he thought about you. I don’t believe that he noticed Mason and me and for a second Mason’s cute face comes to my mind and I smile and remember that he was super cute and loving but he died in an accident long time ago. I also attended his funeral; his car was hit by a big lorry. Evan, don’t bother him. Weston says and I come back from my past memories.  But I still wonder in whom Sarah is interested? Maybe it is you Evan. Weston sounds confused. Are you nuts? We are friends and you know that. I am saying this because she likes you but you always treated her as a friend that’s why she changed her mind. Weston still fixated on this. I don’t think so. It’s all Peter’s fault who has spoiled your thoughts. I reply it is impossible that Sarah has feelings for me. Just then I get a call from reception that the Turkish client wants to meet us.  And we both leave for the meeting room.

After meeting, I received a call from Elena that her parents want to meet me. What a crap? I shout and quicky low down my tone.  Alright dear, I will reach your father’s place in half an hour and exactly after half an hour I was sitting in front of her father named Alberto Murray, who owns fishing business. Her parents were divorced long back and he lives with a woman named Lily Madison who does charity business. She is a tall and smart lady. She is more talkative than Mr Alberto. So, Evan, we both think that Elena and you must get engaged officially this Christmas. What do you think? I was awestruck to listen her because was not expecting any such thing at this time. I need to talk to my parents as well and moreover we both are happy with our relationship I look at Elena. She tells Lily that he is right and still he doesn’t want to get married and he thinks that it is good to have live in relationship. What the hell? I wonder. Is she complaining or explaining to her would be step mom? Unpredictable women, I really feel frustrated but didn’t react. When the right time come, I will propose you my dear. I speak. Evan, we don’t want to interfere in your life but still we want the wedding bells to ring and she laughs and Mr Alberto also agree with her. I only smile and say life is full of surprise Mr Alberto. We don’t know what’s next.

Evan, we love surprises too and this time we are expecting you to propose Elena emphasizes Lily. Alright Mr Alberto and Ms. Lily, soon we will meet and for now I take your leave. Darling! I come along with you and Elena holds my hand and we leave her father’s house. I think now it’s time to exchange the rings Elena continues the topic. Let’s not take any decision in hurry dear. We are happy like this, aren’t we? I ask and She nods but I know what’s in her heart. To change her mood, I take her to a shopping complex. This is the best way to change her mood. She gets super excited when I shop for her without looking at the price tag.  We walk from one store to another but suddenly I receive a call from my European client. I leave her alone for a while and went outside to talk and to my surprise I see Carol and Peter Garfield together.  what are they doing here? I wonder.


Chapter 18

I was stunned to see Peter and Carol shopping together wherein he was insisting her to buy and she was accepting the gifts without any hesitation. After seeing Peter, I realise that he still looks the same. I really don’t understand that how he managed to see me with mason. I remember those days when we were just good friends and I was his crush. I smile. May be Carol wanted to buy something and he is helping her. I ignore what I saw and come back to Elena. We spend some quality time together.  After dinner we walk on the silent roads holding hand in hand. Elena keeps telling me about her work but without paying heed to her. I remember Logan smiling face and waving hand and I smile back. Oh God! I miss him. He is supposed to be with me. Yesterday, I got a call from Simon about the work but he didn’t talk about Logan. We talked like two professionals. I also didn’t have the courage to ask about Logan from him. Why are you smiling? Elena interrupts. Am I? I am listening to you sweetheart and I smile again. Let’s go back to home.


After reaching home I pick my cell phone and keep looking at Logan’s number and after much effort I dial him but he didn’t pick my call. I disconnect and come back to bedroom. I lay on the bed in a mood to sleep but Elena in mood to make love and I ignore her. she turns off the light. I see Logan and I walking in a beautiful valley. We laugh, were happy and kissing each other and then Logan asks, ’Do you love me’? I wanted to say yes but just then I see Elena and Simon coming towards me and Logan again asks but I couldn’t speak and he holds Simon’s hand and walk away even without looking at me. The pain of separation empties my soul and I call him back. Elena mad at me slapped me tight and I wake up. Thank God! It was a dream. I feel thirsty and was completely wet. I go to kitchen for water. And looks at my phone again in desperation and deleted Logan’s number.

Next day, Weston asks me to inform my parents about Sarah’s birthday party at their place so that they can do some preparations. I call them and they happily agree for the surprise party. Yesterday, I got a call from European client and they have agreed to give us the project of Austria. I tell Weston. That’s great news. I think this time we four should go for a vacation together. Europe is a good place to enjoy and moreover Carol will be very happy. What do you think? I don’t mix business with personal life. So, my answer is ‘No’. But if you want to handle this project and take Carol with you. You can! I get busy checking documents. Evan, do you think Elena will like it? Weston, you very well know me and if I have to go with her, will go some another time. Carol is busy with Peter Garfield event, isn’t? Yes, she is too busy from last five days in fact she is coming too late at night and today early morning she left home because tomorrow is the event of that idiot. Weston sounds pissed off. And she has refused to come to Sarah’s birthday party. We three will go together. Not three only you and me because Elena refused too. She will go to meet Angelina Jolie as she has to design dresses for her kids. Weston is not surprised to know this.


Elena wants to marry me. I tell him. Really did you purpose her? No, not yet. I need some time. I don’t want to take decision in haste. I say looking seriously at Weston. My friend when you are in love then there is no need to think. Suddenly, Elena is also getting eager to get married. I am surprised Evan, why do you need time? You are in love with her then why not ring the wedding bells this Christmas. Weston, I am frustrated talking about topic of marriage. I want to spend my rest of life with her but not now. Weston voice falls as he is over emotional about love issues. He loves to pair people like a cupid. Sarah, when did you come? I see Sarah standing at the door of our cabin. Yes, receptionist sends me straight to your cabin as she knows me, she smiles. Hope, I am not disturbing you. No, I hug her. Come sit! I order coffee. Aunt Victoria called me to come to her tomorrow.  Will you two also accompany me? Sarah asks softly. Why not? But I think you should go today only and spend some time with them. You know my mother she is expert in giving surprise party. What surprise! I already know that we are going for my birthday. And we all laugh together. I asked my mom not to tell Sarah  about the  surprise but she got excited. She is very sweet. Sarah says. She adores my mother. So, what you people were talking about? We were talking about marriage Weston tells her. Elena wants to marry. So, we were discussing about that. Congratulations Evan! I am so happy for you. Sarah’s expression changes and her voice gets hesitant and her eyes questions me. Why Evan? Weston observes every move of her. I think that idiot was right. Sarah has feelings for Evan but she never expressed. I think she is afraid to lose her childhood friend. Oh Sarah! I feel pity for you. I wish I could help you but it is too late now. Evan loves someone else. Why didn’t you confess earlier? Weston says in his heart. 


Chapter 19

Weston clarifies Sarah that there is no need to congratulate him because he needs time. I have also invited Julie and John and she smiles knowing this. That’s good! It’s long time we haven’t met our friends. Yes, this is wonderful. I agree with Weston. Julie and John got married but not to each other and we laugh. Sarah leaves. She looks pretty when she smiles. She is a sweetheart. May God grant her wishes. God gives her courage to find her way. Weston expression is unreadable and I could not understand what was he trying to say. My cupid friend you seem to be again lost in matchmaking business I murmur. We go back to work and while I was couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah. Does Sarah really like me? No, this cannot be true. I don’t want to hurt her. She has already suffered a lot. I pray to God to send a good person in her life. I pray and got little worried about Sarah’s feelings. Anyway, tomorrow is her birthday and I don’t want tears in her eyes for any reason.


While having dinner with Elena at home, I inform her that tomorrow morning I will be going to my parent’s place and if you want to come, I mean when you get free from the meeting then you can also join us. No, dear Jolie is very important to me. I have to meet her. Give my best wishes to Sarah and I assure you that when I will get free, I will definitely try to come there. Evan, I want to meet your forks because they love me and I love them too. As you wish! Today, why have you made Sushi, a Japanese dish? She makes ugly face. I think we both have freedom to eat food of our choice. I say calmy but she feels offended. Yes, we do have, I am full now and you are free to come to bed even if you don’t come it is perfectly fine. She stands and walk away and I know she is annoyed with what I say. But never mind I don’t want to miss the taste of the Sushi, I cooked. My subconscious nods. I quietly finish my meal and take a cup of coffee and walk in a lawn for a while.

It's hard to forget Logan, I wonder. what were they doing? Were they playing some games? or enjoying music? or he may be busy with his paintings? I feel bad that he even didn’t care to call me back. Their house project is going fine because my manager calls me every day to give the details. They also visit often to see their home. Why didn’t Logan call me back? He is clear in his mind that he doesn’t want to have any sort of connection with me. This thought saddens me. I come back to the bedroom and see Elena sleeping quietly. I kiss her on forehead and whispers that I don’t want to hurt you either my dear. I say in a low tone and off the lights and tries to sleep.


In the morning we eat breakfast together and she leaves and asks me to wish happy birthday to Sarah and say hello to my parents. I and Weston drive to my parents’ house and I see him busy with his plants. Weston greets him and he whole heartedly hugs both of us. Just then my mother also comes with Sarah and we embraced her and three of us hold tight. Happy Birthday Sarah! I wish her and kisses her on cheek. Weston grabbed her and spun her around. She laughs and we all smiled. Weston, stop! my head is spinning and he releases her from his arms and they both hug again. Where are girls? my mother asks. They have some work but, in the evening, they will try to come and I see Weston’s blank face as if he has no idea. Carol had to do some paper work with Peter and yesterday she was with him on the boat. Mom, as you know today, we have come to celebrate our sweetheart birthday. Evan, aunt told me that there is a surprise and my mother smiles with puzzled looks and I don’t understand anything moreover Weston reaction was same as mine.

Son, you cannot fool your mother, she knows everything and even Sarah knows the secret. My dad says. Mom, why is there a fishy smile on your face?  Wait till evening. She cares my cheek and they both leave us alone. And we three sit on the grass and enjoy the weather, sky covered with clouds and it seems it’s going to rain. I say while looking at the sky. If it rains, we three must dance as we used to do in the childhood. Evan! She speaks. I can’t say no to you. Weston looks at me and I could feel that the cupid inside him again is at work. I ignore him. And we begin to play with our pets like dogs, goat, rabbits and turtles floating in the pond. After being tired with the day, we go inside and I give her the gift that beautiful dress and she gets astonished. She decides to wear that dress in the evening. Weston gifts her a white diamond necklace and she becomes extremely happy as she is fond of white diamonds very much. My mother gives her a handmade jacket and my father gives a watch. She looks happy the same way when she was a child but suddenly, she starts crying as she misses her parents.

My love, my beauty does not cry and in fact you should be thankful to Jesus that you have a family. My mom hugs her and wipes away her tears. Ladies, don’t create an emotional scene and help me bake the cake. Yes, uncle Ben and she goes with my dad.

In the evening her looks break the law. She catches everyone’s attention. Garden is decorated with balloons, flowers and small colourful lights. Some chair placed around the table and a big table placed in between with a cake on it made by my father. John and Julie both come. We hug each other. John comes with his wife Grace, who is a teacher. Julie’s husband has gone to south Africa for some business. Why didn’t you call us for your wedding? Weston complains. I married in haste, he proposed and we got married the very same day in the presence of the father and two witnesses. Julie explains and I smile and speak that your man didn’t waste time. She smiles and blushes. I married last week in New Zealand because Grace’s grandmother wanted to see her wedding before she dies. So sorry, I couldn’t call anyone John apologises. Its fine! John you are happy and that’s important he smiles and her wife Grace also smiles. I feel cheerful when I see my sister Clara with her husband Ayden. I hug her and she hugs me back. My brother-in-law Ayden also meets me with same gesture. So, mom is this your surprise? No, yet to come. Clara laughs and they both greet everyone and wish Sarah.


It’s time to cut the cake, we shall go to table my father asks us to come. He looks happy because he loves Clara and me very much and moreover their joy has no boundaries when they see us together. Wait! Look, who is coming? We see Elena and Carol come together.  Weston is happy but I react normally as I know that she is a possessive girlfriend who wants to hold her loved ones in control that is why she has somehow managed to come. Weston kisses Carol. Elena comes close to me and stand. We sing a birthday song and my father put on the music and Sarah blows candles and we sing. She cuts cake and lights on. Sun moves to the other direction as now clouds have disappeared. I think it is a dream when I see Logan coming with a gift in his hand. Logan here, no way! But this is a not dream because he accompanied with Simon, comes in.



Hello! Mr. Benson and Mrs. Victoria. Simon greets my parents. Hello! Simon, please call me only uncle as I am your father’s friend not any kind of entrepreneur. Sure uncle, please meet my partner, Logan. He greets both of them. Come and enjoy the party. See Evan, I called them for today’s party. This is an amazing surprise I murmur when I see Logan. Your mother insisted that when they are coming to our city then why don’t you call them? My father explains everything. My mother always knows how to make her son happy. These all arrangements have been done by our sweetheart Carol. My mother sounds happy while telling this. Weston didn’t expect this from Carol. What are you saying aunt? He questions. Seriously, yes. all the food and decoration have been planned by Carol; her staff came here to decorate. We are just witness to all these things. Weston really happy by Carol’s gesture even I appreciate her efforts. Weston kisses Carol on lips and hugs her tight. And I feel this is obvious. After few minutes Peter also joins the party and we people were stunned. As today is a wonderful day of collecting new memories and remembering the past moments.


Logan gifts painting to Sarah, she is happy and thankful. He smiles and talks to everyone and they all like him. Logan, Evan finally finds company to enjoy Japanese food. I guess you people go well with each other. Elena says to him. I guess we were going good together but he was missing you a lot. Next time, we wish you also come with him. Oh! Logan you need not to do all this, you can’t lie. I see Logan and he understands with my expressions what I was trying to say. He talks to my mother as they both love music. She smiles and laughs with him loud. Then my father turned on the music. They both begin to dance and slowly everyone with their partner come to dance. Peter dances with Sarah. Weston holds Carol and finally I and Elena dance but my eyes were on Logan who was tasting food alone because Simon was again on the phone.  He also stares me. Elena kisses me and continue to dance and he turns his back. He doesn’t like it and he tries to hide his jealousy. I also want to dance with him, walk with him. I don’t want to lose him. I say to myself.

Music stops, I see Weston on his knees holding Carol’s hand and asks her to marry him. Everyone makes noise and she is shocked as she didn’t expect such a move from Weston. she nods and say ‘Yes’. I wonder that this time she is also eager to marry him. He puts ring on her finger and they kiss and hug each other and everyone applause and we all congratulate them. Weston! You have provoked Elena too. The way she is looking at me as if I have done a crime by not purposing her before Weston did. I want to run and run but not alone. I am pretty much sure that I want Logan. Simon and Logan also wish them luck. After few minutes, John and his wife, Julie and Peter leave. Weston also leaves with Carol. When Simon and Logan take permission to leave then my father asks them to stay for a night with them. No, uncle Ben, we don’t want to bother you. I have already booked a suite in hotel. Simon explains. No, my son, be my guest for one night and in the morning, you can go after having breakfast, even my mother insists them to stay and they agree. Elena also decides to stay with me in my father’s house. Sarah, Clare and my brother-in-law also stay with us. My father shows them their room personally as they were already tired.

While I was changing my clothes suddenly Elena comes and holds me tightly. I wanted to move her away but she started kissing me and I turn around her she fixated on my lips and pushed me to the bed. She starts opening button of my pants and I ask her to stop. You should sleep, it was a tiring day and I moved her aside. I don’t want to sleep it is a long time that we haven’t come close to each other. She again falls on my top. I seriously refused her and she shouts. What happened Evan? Are you losing interest in me? What eats you? I am observing from last many days that you are not in a mood or are you avoiding me? Tell me! Her voice raises, it's nothing like that and don’t shout everyone will come to our room. So, what! I need an answer? Do you like Sarah? Your childhood buddy as from day one I know her intentions. She is a bitch. I will teach her a lesson if she comes my way.  Elena, ‘hold your tongue’! I told you there is nothing like that. You are crossing your limit.  Stop pushing your brain much. I warn you. I am not afraid of anyone Evan, you are afraid of me, our relationship, marriage and everything. Can you tell me that when are we announcing our engagement or have you got bored with me? She is in tears but her sound is loud. Yes, ‘I am afraid’ I say and leave her alone.  I go to the terrace for fresh air. I feel suffocated.


Are you okay?  I turn around and find Logan standing. I see him and didn’t think for a minute and hug him and he hugs me back. I am not okay! I speak. He heard me and releases himself from my hold. Logan please, I need you. I beg. He slowly goes back and I in tears keep looking at him. He comes back and kisses me passionately. I kiss him back. We both take off our shirt. I worship his every inch of body and he does the same with mine. And under the moon and stars we make love. I was happy that my father has spread some soft carpet on the roof to rest. I finally enjoy every moment as it was a wonderful day and night.


Next morning, I open my eyes and find Logan in my arms. I smile as I know what to do now as a new chapter of my life has begun. No matter what everyone thinks. I must listen to my heart and body.


Chapter 21


Good morning, I say softly when he opens his eyes. Good morning! What’s the time? He asks. It’s I reply while cares his cheek. Oh, I need to go, he wakes up and sees me with a smile. His smile made my day and we both look at the sky covered with clouds and soft blowing wind touches our hair. I kiss his cheeks and say we need to be brave now. I am already brave Evan; I think you can try your luck. He laughs and put on his clothes and wished bye with a kiss. I still lay for few minutes and think that we have to break many hearts for this new relationship? But I can’t help it. I have to talk to Elena regarding this.  I get up and put my clothes and come back to my room. I found Elena nowhere. Maybe she is downstairs and I go to bathroom. When I join Sarah, my sister, and my parents for breakfast I see Elena already laughing with them. I think she has changed her mind. I wonder about that if she asks me where I was last night what would I say.  Anyways, I will tell the truth. I decided. When I sit beside her, I give her a smile and she smiles back. Call Logan and Simon also for breakfast I say. Simon left early as he had some meeting and Logan also left five minutes before. He left, but why?  without meeting me. I feel offended hope there is nothing to worry.

While I eat my omelette my mom startled me by saying that she wants Elena and I to get married this new year or Christmas. My omelette still in my mouth and I unable to swallow it. Relax, take it easy, Elena taps my back and I look at her. Wow! How clever she is. She has involved my parents. Mom, I have already talked with Elena and I will say the same thing again. My Appetite is gone. Look son, Weston and you are best friends and I wish you both marry on the same date. If Logan is interested in girls, then I pair Sarah and him. I really like him. I was dumbfounded. I look at Sarah, does she also feel the same? Mom, my voice is loud. Can you please stop taking decisions on behalf of others? I don’t know how she will react when she comes to know that I love Logan and he loves me too. Evan, she is your mother, don’t speak to her like that and I feel that Sarah needs someone badly in her life. Elena says calmy. Elena you are not the one to decide about my life says Sarah and gets annoyed and even I also give her an angry look. Elena, you are again crossing your limits.


We are here for breakfast. So, guys please don’t spoil your mood. It is just a talk. Clara says. My wife is not wrong. This is not a topic that we need to discuss right now. Ayden says in the same tone.  I am done. I need to go for a meeting. Elena, do you want to come? Yes. I want. Sarah, what about you? No, you go. I will come back in the evening. I say goodbye to my parents. I knew they were not happy that I am leaving like this. Son! We will come next week to your place my father informs me and I say nothing. Take care brother! I am here for months. Clare hugs me. I know my dear. I kiss her on cheeks and we leave and when I start the car. she asks, ‘Where were you last night’? In the other room?  No, terrace. Were you alone? What do you want to hear? I question her and she remains silent and we both sit cold the whole journey. I drop her at the fashion house and reach office.


Weston is happy. What happened my friend everyone wished me yesterday but you didn’t. Is everything fine? I burst out; your marriage proposal has fallen like a bomb in my life. Why didn’t you tell me before that you are going to propose her? Calm down Evan. It was spontaneous and I decided then and there. He explains. What about that diamond ring? Did Santa come and give you to propose her? He laughs. Clare gave to me. When I told her about proposing Carol, she asked Ayden and he arranged it. He sits beside me. We have lot of work to do.  So go to your cabin and make a blueprint for European client. If they approve, I promise I will sponsor your honeymoon trip to Europe I keep my eyes on my laptop. Ok man! I understand that professional Evan is back from a weekend break. Weston leaves. I call Logan as Weston goes out from my cabin but he didn’t answer and, in few seconds, I get a message from him saying,’ I will try to reach as soon as possible’. I feel relax that he is talking to me. Throughout the day, Weston and I work for European client project because it is very important for us to get that deal. When I reach home in the evening, I find Elena not back yet. I decide to talk to her today before it’s too late. I wait for her with a soft mocktail in my hand and then doorbell rings and when I open the door, Logan was standing with his suitcase and bag. Are you going Logan? We need to talk. ‘Please come in’ I say and give him a glass of water and he speaks.

Simon knows everything and we broke up. He is sad and blaming me for cheating on him. I try to explain everything but he said that he would never forgive me and leaves for Georgia. He tells me in a breath. How did Simon know all of a sudden? He saw both of us yesterday on terrace. He answers. Now, I understand why he left so early. I say with a deep breath. Your guess is right. Everything happens for a reason at least now one person is removed from the list with whom we had to talk about our relationship. What about Elena? he asks. I will tell her today only and finish it off. I am relaxed and clear in mind. Evan, we are breaking everyone’s heart his eyes filled with tears. Logan comes close to me and I pull and embraced him and say, ‘Don’t think much we will pass the storm’. If we don’t do this then nobody will be happy and we all will have suffocated lives. I cannot marry Elena because this will be injustice to her, she deserves a much better person than me who loves her unconditionally.

Logan hugs me and I hug him back and he kisses me on lips and we kissed for a minute and suddenly I heard my name Evan! We stop kissing and look around and find Elena standing awestruck as if she saw something terrible or unexpected. Her mouth wide open, her colour pale and her handbag and mobile phone falls from her hand.



What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend? She shouts and comes close to us. Before I could say anything, she slaps Logan tight. Elena, I stop her. Are you out of your mind? He is seducing you in front of me and you don’t want me to object. Why? She questions. Logan feels offended because he never expected this kind of a reaction from my girlfriend. He holds his suitcase and moves out of house. I stop him. No, don’t go. It’s time to speak, not to escape and I hold his hand. Elena shocked and her staring eyes seemed to look right through me. Look Elena and listen I like Logan in fact it is right to say that I love him. I stop a bit to see her reaction but she still in shock, didn’t react. I don’t know when and how it happened. I continue I know I hurt you but trust me I don’t want to give you pain. I didn’t betray you. I want everyone to be happy in their life. You mean you choose to be a gay Mr. Evan Rayson. Oh my god! if you felt something like this before then why didn’t you tell me? She shouts again. I realised few weeks back when I met Logan. I say while looking in her eyes. Be quiet and say nothing. I loved you from the bottom of my heart and you just swapped me away just like that after using me. Evan, remember, I will never forgive you my whole life. She goes upstairs and comes back with her belongings and leaves. Elena, I call her name but she refuses to listen. I am sorry! Please understand but she leaves without looking at me.

I sit and feel sorry for her Logan. He sits beside me. I get some herbal tea for you. Maybe you feel relax. I say nothing and he comes with a cup of tea. Evan, you knew this is going to happen, give yourself some time. We will recover from this. He holds my hand and I smile to him.  Deep inside I feel burden free after telling Elena about us. Hope, she understands me. Hope so! I ask Logan to stay with me. I tell him that I will handle everything here means my parents because Elena must have told them about us and they will come to me after hearing her. But the whole night passed but they didn’t call.


In the morning I drop Logan and reach office. Everyone stares me, some were gossiping, some were smiling, but soon I make them realise that I am the boss and they went back to their seats. Weston rushes to my office. Have you read today’s newspaper? He shows me the headlines on front page. “Evan Rayson choose to be a Gay. Guess, famous architect falls in love with a painter who paints his genes.” I read the lines and take my eyes away. I am sure Elena did this. I Close my eyes. Tell me what’s going on Evan? Weston questions. Even she posted on her YouTube with caption “My tragic love story” Weston tells me. But I was not angry and surprised.


She is wounded I can understand. Evan, are you listening me? What’s going on? I look at him. I Love Logan and have decided to stay with him forever. that’s it! what? are you serious? So, these newspapers are not lying. They all are speaking truth. I reply him, so did you have feelings for Mason too? As you know I was very shy in building relationships and Mason liked me and whenever he came close to me, I felt good. But that time I took it as a change in teenagers’ hormones. When we left school, he didn’t contact me and one day I got to know that he died. In fact, my attraction for him was over after school finished. Girls also fascinated me for long time I choose Elena for the sake. When I met Logan, my heart and body decide that I actually need him more than Elena. I tell Weston everything. But he doesn’t react.

 I see at the door of my cabin and find my parents and sister Clare standing. I stand and they come inside and Weston greets them and leaves me with my forks. I try to be brave and strong to face the reality of my life. Son what’s going on? I and your mother, sister we all are shocked. My father says and my mother sits on the chair and looks at me as I am guilty. Mom, Clare, I can explain. Evan, if you don’t want to marry it’s ok but don’t do like this. Clare voice is soft as she cried. I really like Logan and I cannot live without him; you need to understand and accept me the way I am. Evan, what rubbish! you are our only son and we have so much hope from you and you are destroying all. We don’t accept this choice I think you need to meet someone. Someone means what? I get impulsive.

Someone means you have to meet a psychiatrist tomorrow. He is a great counsellor and the confusions you have or depression you are suffering from he will help you my sister stops speaking. What depression? Are you people nuts? I boil in anger. Mom, please listen to me come home and meet Logan once. Is he a kind of a magician or a male vamp? I don’t want to see his face. That’s why we have come to office. See, the whole world is laughing at us. so, we have decided that you must meet a psychiatrist she orders and I feel hurt because they don’t understand me. Okay! if this makes you happy then I will go. Are you people HAPPY now. I shout. Happy…



I sad, frustrated and wanted to be alone. So, go out from office for fresh air to breathe. How could my family think that I am in depression? as if I have done something weird and shameless. At least my mother and sister really need to understand that what I want. I stop my car near a park full of tress, chirping of birds I know this place from last year when my car broke down and I stopped for rest and I feet better. I switch off my phone for a while to think about what I have done that I need to go to see psychiatrist. Elena took revenge from me but I am not angry with her. Though I expected that she would smile and understand and say, ‘Evan enjoy your life. I don’t mind stay blessed and happy’. This thought makes me smile. How will I tell Logan that my forks consider my love life as some sort of mental illness?


How are you, Evan? I turn back and surprise to see Sarah. Sarah you? How do you know that I am here? I track your phone, she laughs. I am joking actually I was passing by and saw your car and thought maybe you need me. She replies. What makes you come here? I am here to sell my dad’s property. She points at a small house on the other side with little garden. This place is beautiful, you must keep this place. I suggest. I wish to but I need money and you know the crisis. She explains. I keep quiet. So, are you depressed with the headlines.? No, I am sad about what my mom, dad and dear sister thinks about me. You know they are expecting much from you, they all love you. They have dream for your wedding, bride, babies and they are hurt and you didn’t tell them. That’s why they feel worst so they react in this way. Don’t worry time will heal everything, she puts hand on my shoulder. Thanks Sarah! you have always been a great friend. I hold her hand. Weston thinks that you like me more than a friend. I hesitate to speak. He is an idiot, sometimes he thinks I like Peter, then you but he never thought of himself. What? I leave her hand and look at her face. Do you like Weston? Yes, I do, in fact from high school, I adore him. but never speak and now he has chosen someone else and is going to marry his love. I am happy for him. She inhales. You would have told me about Weston earlier may be there could be a different story. I say to her. When I thought of telling you, he announced that he has found the love of his life. From school till date, he never looked at me in that way. So, it was always one-sided love. we sit on a big stone and watch the small river flowing in front of us.


Love is complicated, yes, it is! I reply and we both smile. I like Logan, he is a nice guy and I know about Mason that he liked you once he told me. When Peter saw you, both holding and kissing each other. I asked him and he said that you were his crush. When he came back from London, he wanted to meet you but he had an accident. Sarah says and tries to read my reaction. I always think maybe it is because of hormonal change as I like girls too. So, I never took him seriously thought just a sort of attraction. But Logan means a lot to me. My voice is seductive. Then go and talk to him, be with him, no matter what others say. Your family will understand you one day, I think. But you should be stronger and more positive about this relationship. She again says a correct thing. Sarah, I wish I could do something for you. I feel pity for her. Life is sometimes unfair to us and we have to accept the way it comes. We hear the chirping birds. Some birds don’t belong to sky. I say and we both sit for a while to feel the nature.


At dinner, I tell Logan about all that happened today, he says that you must do what your parents’ want because they love you and one is lucky to have such a loving family. I can see the pain of his past in his eyes while speaking. This family belongs to you too and one day they will accept you. I assure him. I don’t expect much, when you are with me, I feel complete and happy. He puts a spoon of rice in my mouth and I smile. I promise him that we never fall apart. We shall overcome from this phase too. Yes, we do, I love you! Evan. I too and we kiss each other on lips.


Next morning, I sit in front of William Davis a man in late forties, with glasses and he wears informal clothes. He looks so fit and healthy like in thirties. Evan, I will be   happy if you tell me about yourself, from where you want to start. I look at him and very slowly, I tell him about Logan, my childhood attraction Mason, Elena and my friends everything. I open up very easily. Usually, people take time while talking about their life, but I am glad you are at ease to share. He speaks. I don’t want to come for more sessions, I have come because of my parents. Trust me, you need not to come again, if you accept that this is not because of hormones change. You choose a man and you are bisexual. And it is nothing related to science. It is concerned with your body and heart with whom you would like to share your intimate feelings. No matter, if in the future you start liking women then also it’s completely normal. He tells me like a friend not a psychiatrist. I love Logan and decide to be with him forever. Evan, don’t burden your soul much. If you choose to be a gay. Then it’s not your fault, it’s human nature with whom one wants to live. And live with whom you like. You have reached new heights where you can easily see the sunshine of life. Love leads you in the right direction if you trust this feeling. Don’t ever or decide something for your heart. Let your heart decide for you. He stops and I smile with gratitude and he understands my expression. So, Mr Evan, you were right, you need not to come here again. You are just confused in your mind but you are not in depression and I will tell this thing to your father also.  I expect him to understand you in a better way it hardly matters how much time it takes.


Thank you, Mr Davis! I really feel better and proud of what I am. I am in no dilemma. Thank you is not enough for what I feel now. Yes, thank you is not enough you have to pay my fees and we both laugh.




One month passed Logan and I living together and I am happy that I don’t have to care what people think or say about me. I am concerned for my family. I often call them and every time our conversation ends with their question. When will I come out from this trauma? They talk as if I am ill and need medication. Even Mr. Davis told them that they should accept their son’s choice. In a country like US people also suffer because of the sick thinking. Few are lucky one who had to struggle less for their acceptability but some like me face rejections and stereotypes. But life goes on and now I hardly call them. I want to give them some time. Sometimes my brother-in-law Ayden calls and we talk as before because my decision has made no difference to our relationship. Sarah, Logan and I go out for dinner. As a PR Sarah helps Weston to promote his art shows in California and in other countries. In fact, he has built friendly relationship with Weston and Sarah. Carol is not happy because she says that I have betrayed Elena badly therefore I avoid meeting her. I wonder what if after their marriage she changes Weston also.

Logan searches a place for his paintings as he is ready to open his own art gallery and export-import his paintings. We finalise the place. Evan, today I speak to Simon he says. I look at him. ‘I owe an apology to him’. He didn’t talk much and only says that our dream house will be completed soon as construction work is going smoothly and fast and he is now not interested to keep it. He further says if Evan is ready to purchase then we can talk about the settlement regarding money. I don’t have any issue regarding this but need to do some paper work and Weston opinion also matters. Let’s celebrate the purchase of your place and smile and he smiles back. We go to a restaurant name “fizzy”. They offer fantastic snacks and coffee. We order Irish coffee with grilled sandwiches and muffins. I ask logan If you want, we can move to Georgia. You will make huge profit there. We have a beautiful house here and we need not do money wastage in relocating. He replies while bites his sandwich. Even Simon had a house then why you spend on all this? I ask while taking a sip of coffee. Simon wanted to move to Georgia for his business that’s why I selected that place. But you have your business, family and friends here so we don’t have to move. I am glad that you care about the people who belongs to me. Thanks. They belong to me as well. I always miss my mother. I met your mother; she is so sweet. He smiles. Yes, she is! I smile back.


Today, this place is crowded I say while looking around. But this is a huge place it hardly matters. He drinks his coffee. Then two people catches my attention and they were Carol and Peter. Is she doing her wedding shopping with Peter? Silly girl, I say slow so that Logan doesn’t hear. I wonder what they are talking about? Carol looks serious and even Peter. Peter talks too much and Carol is seriously listening to him. Hope one day Weston also finds Carol seriously listening to him because generally my friend always hears what she says. Still, they are madly in love with each other and we learn to live with imperfections. Because nobody is perfect. What are you watching? he interrupts my thoughts. I point to Carol and he also sees them. Should we go and say hello to her? he asks. No, see they are about to leave and they are discussing some work so we shouldn’t disturb them. I say to him. And he agrees. After few minutes they leave and we also pay check and come home.


At night, I play basketball with Logan in our basketball court. We laugh and enjoy the game. Hello guys! we see Weston standing. Hello! come and join us. I ask him. No, I am not in a mood. We stopped. You must be tired of shopping for your wedding which is after a week on Christmas. Logan says with a smile. Well, I go and get some drink till then you people talk. Logan leaves and we both sit on the couch in the court. You sound shattered, I look at Weston’s face. I am. What happen? Did you people fight? I ask. He remains silent for few seconds and speak Carol is pregnant. Hey! Congratulations it’s good news but why you look sad? Alright, you are not ready to become father right now. I understand after marriage this day will come so why not now? I am happy for Weston. Carol is not pregnant with my child. He looks at me and I sit shocked. What are you saying? Does she sleep with someone else? My tongue loses control.

She has cheated on me and guess with whom? Weston sounds emotional. I hold his shoulder and says her ex-boyfriend Lucas? I don’t know why I take his name as someday Weston told me that she still talks to Lucas as both are in same profession. No, it is not Lucas, he got engaged last year. So, he is not in the picture. Then who? Tell me, I am curious. That asshole Peter Garfield. His mouth turns red and he twitches his fist. My mouth drops open. Logan also listens but he quietly moves inside as he realises that how serious the situation is.


Chapter 25

Today, I saw them in “Fizzy” and some weeks before they were shopping together. You knew everything and didn’t tell me. Weston shouts. Weston, listen to me going for shopping and chatting doesn’t mean they are having an affair and I am not like you that I see connections between two people when they already had a business relationship. I don’t act like cupid who is fixated on these silly small things, He looks at me and says in calmer tone that you would have told me when you saw them together. You know I was already occupied with my problems. I tell him.

I let her go. The baby should be with his real father and Peter also wants to be with her. I could feel the pain in his voice, he is completely broken. He gave so much time to this relationship. I remember my mother words once she said they are soulmates and made for each other. See, how time changes and what destiny shows us no one knows. I am glad that you did the right thing. She should be happy too. He closes his eyes and a tear rolls down his cheeks. He is in pain and I cannot do anything. I understand this feeling as Elena felt the same that day.

Weston! Listen my friend, he opens his eyes and Logan also join us and tries to pacify him. Life is a journey and we meet people some makes us happy, some sad or even break our heart but journey doesn’t stop at one station. We continue because everything happens for a reason and we are not capable enough to understand God’s will. So, accept and be ready for a new turn as he is going to give what is best for you. Weston listens Logan’s words and wipes off his tears and speaks. ‘You are right’. I have to learn to forget and forgive. Everyone needs to learn this. After all life is not so long to keep rage in our heart. Logan again continues. Evan’s choice is not wrong. We are glad that you have come into our life. Weston says and hugs him and I smile.


 It is too late now I must go and cancel all the arrangements we made for wedding he says to me. I think we should bill to Peter and we all laugh together. I drop him to his car and wishes goodnight.  Evan, in the morning I shall call Sarah to  cancel all our business invitations and inform your parents too. He says, ‘Will you inform your parents’? I will. He feels better now. Shall I tell you something? What’s more? For today I think this is enough. He sits in car and ready to go. Sarah likes you. You were his crush from school in fact she loves you. He astonished quickly comes out of the car. Are you serious? No, this is not possible I shared everything about my love life with her and she behaved normal.

She has learnt to behave mature as she had gone through hard times in life. She wanted to see you happy and in love, we give, don’t expect returns. My tone is cherished. I think you should act positive about her feelings and after all life must go on. Logan’s magic, he laughs. So, Sarah told you this thing and you hid again. He complaints. My dear friend you were going to marry Carol and expect me to talk about her love secrets which belongs to you. I don’t think it is appropriate. I explain. She is a very good friend. I Know I am just telling that she likes you. I am not expecting anything from you for her. We don’t plant love it grows own its own. I say by looking into his eyes. He hugs and leaves.


This Christmas really means a lot to me. My mother finally accepts my relationship with Logan. I got the message from Elena wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Sorry’ for what she did. I reply “Merry Christmas and stay happy always.” We all will make a plan to go to Georgia as I buy that house of Simon and I want to give a surprise to Logan. Sarah and Weston go well with each other. They are now spending more time together. Carol is with Peter and are going to marry soon. Simon has also started a new relationship with someone else.

New year evening, we reach Georgia and Logan happy and surprised. My mother, father, sister Clare and brother-in-law, Sarah, Weston and his parents’ uncle Bryson and aunt Collins also joins us. We all laugh, eat, dance and sing together my mother sings her another song:

I take the night train,

I take an airplane, '

Cause you belong to me, I just wanna say,

 ain't gonna let you away,

'Cause you belong to me.


She sings and Logan plays piano. Weston and Sarah dance and suddenly he proposed her and she says ‘YES’ we all applaud. They kiss each other and just then my mobile rings and I see Elena’s number. She called to wish me new year and informs that she is marrying this coming 14 February and invites me. It’s valentine’s day! Great, I will come.  I ask Logan for dance and talk about Elena’s wedding. He is glad. See love never fades it just flows wherever it has to.  He says and I say ‘love is complicated’ and he laughs and we kiss. Thank you for family, friends and for everything. His eyes shine when he speaks. Pleasure is all mine I say. Sky shots coloured the whole sky and we enjoyed gazing at the sky.