Hall is decorated with white flowers and lights. New York city has gathered to attend the engagement of the richest and well-known businessman Alexander Bruke son of Edward Bruke. He is getting engaged to his father’s friend daughter June who is a smart and beautiful business woman of London city. Alexander friend Nyon is his childhood friend who stands beside him through thin and thick of life. He knows each and every inch of Alex Bruke.  Nyon congratulates him that finally he met his soulmate. He mocks about marriage and kids with his dear friend Alex.

You know me dog! In fact, you know everything that this is just a business deal and she is not at all my type. She is a smart young woman who can capture business venture but not my life and heart. So, this engagement is meaning less for me but not for my father once after this joint venture of London and New York is done.  I will find a way to be a free bird again. How will this happen my friend?  Nyon asked calmly. He replies that he does not know but will make it happen one day, his eyes fixed on the glass of wine in his hand. Both leaves and after an hour engagement ceremony takes place and everyone gives blessings to Alex and June for their bright future. Next morning June’s father David Clayton hugged his friend Edward Bruke on airport and promised to plan for the wedding ceremony soon. June kisses Alex and says  good bye and the  whole family flew back to London.


Monday morning Alex enters the office and back in the role of a boss. He enters his room and his secretary Marie informs him about his schedule of the day, he looked at his engagement ring and kept it in his drawer and got busy with his work. Alex is just 28 and has become the CEO of a big company after his father retires from the business. He is a handsome man with blue and grey eyes. Every girl in the office was sad to know that the most eligible bachelor is engaged now. Marie tells him that tomorrow he has to attend a charity program organised by Bruke Enterprises to raise funds for his late mother organisation, "Child and Care". Yes, I remember tomorrow is my mother’s Ryna Bruke’s birthday and I never forget this day. His voice grumbled. Alex sees his pretty mother photograph who died of lung cancer when he was just 14. She wanted to raise his name in lawn tennis although he is good in the game but has turned to be a man of business because of his excellence in economics and business. He had to stand by his father’s side and when he was left alone after his mother death. Deep inside his heart he has a desire to fulfil his mother wish. With tears in eyes he remembers his mother’s memories.

Next day, his father Edward, friend Nyon and Alex go to attend the program. After the program when they come out and find the glass of the car broken. He walks towards his car and sees that driver was holding a 14-15-year boy who has tears in his eyes. His father has already left in his car and they both stare that boy. What's your name? Asked Alex. Jimmy, boy replies with fear. You know how much does it cost, are you going to pay for this? Alex says angrily. Boy cries and says I am sorry sir! Actually, my sister is working inside for this charity program and i was playing football when it hit your car glass accidentally. He regrets and apologizes that he cannot pay the damage. Alex angrily asks the boy to call his sister. Alex says Nyon let’s leave, we are getting late for my musical show which is going to begin in half an hour. Tell your sister to come to my office tomorrow and gives his business card to the little boy. Alex asks his driver to arrange another car. Alex and Nyon leaves leaving the little boy crying.

                                                             Chapter- 2

 Wednesday morning Mary tells Alex that a young girl is asking for you. Can I send her in?  Who is she? Asks Alex. She answers that yesterday her brother broke the mirror of your car and you asked him to send his sister to talk to you. Mary Sends her in while Alex remembers yesterday’s incident. After few minutes a young girl enters his room and says Excuse me sir!  Alex turns his chair and she is gawking at his face, a young handsome having shade of grey and blue eyes as deep like an ocean, his smile with a dimple who is the CEO of the Bruke holding. He asks her name. Rumi Johnson, she answers. Do you remember that Yesterday your brother broke the mirror of my favourite car and I want to know who is going to pay for it?

Sir, my brother didn’t do it intentionally and I am very sorry. Tell me the amount of money that I need to pay Rumi asks. Alex laughs and says Miss Johnson it is not a joke and your apology cannot fix the situation and paying the damage would take many years because the cost is five thousand dollars.  Now tell me in how many years will you pay? When she hears the amount, she is startled and stares at the ceiling in silence. After few minutes she gathers words and says whether she can pay the money in instalments because it is a huge debt for her. Alex refuses and says that there is another solution if she agrees.

Look Miss Johnson I have a huge business to manage and can’t keep the record of your instalments and threatens her that he would file a complaint against her, Alex says in a harsh tone. Rumi starts crying and says that she is the only one for her family and cannot get involved in such things. Alex thinks for a minute and asks her to leave her number. Rumi leaves and gives her number to his secretary.

Fifteen days passed Rumi got busy in her studies and her work as an event planner. One day, she receives a call from Alex office and she was again standing in front of Alex. He asks her to sit and tell his secretary to send   coffee. After few minutes when his secretary comes with a cup of coffee, he tells her not to disturb him for another 15 minutes. Alright, Miss Johnson, I have found a solution as you said. After a week my fiancée will come to New York for some meeting and it is obvious that she will come to meet me too. The point is that I want to get rid of the engagement business and I need you for this. Alex stops and looks at Rumi’s face who is listening carefully with a childlike innocence. Alex continues his conversation. I want ‘One Night Stand’ from you.



                                                          Chapter- 3


‘One-night stand’ listening to these three words Rumi’s face turns red with anger and she abruptly stands and feels like throwing the cup of coffee on his face. Seeing her reaction Alex understands her anger and asks her to sit and listen him to the end. Miss Johnson, I feel that you are a person who exaggerates and becomes judgemental at once. First listen to the whole story and then react. I want you to pretend that we were together for a night. You will be there in my room but I will not even touch you.  You just have to make my fiancée believe that I spent the night with you and that’s all. Alex says in a breath.

You want to use me to betray your fiancée, Rumi says in a cropped tone. No, I am telling you the solution to pay back your debt, that’s it.  Alex replies. But, why me? She asks angrily. I am sure you must have plenty of girls around you and can ask anyone to do this for you but why me? She asks repeatedly. Miss Johnson, it’s true that for me it is not difficult to get any girl on my bed. But the thing is June is a cunning girl. She has connections and will understand that this is a plan set to break relationship with her and she will not spare me for this at any cost but you are an unknown to her. When she will see you in my room, she would believe that I am in a relationship with you and will break up with me and I will be free from her forever. Alex explains in a very calm way.

Your plan is good but I am not ready for it. I will pay your money in instalments. Rumi says calmly. Miss Johnson, I am not interested in this instalment business, if you want, I can even pay you some extra money only as help, don’t get me wrong it will be only a little help. Alex says while drinking his coffee. You are such a pig! Mr. Alexzander. Alright, I will arrange money to pay you back and asks for some time. Rumi says angrily. You have one-week Miss Johnson and your fifteen minutes are over. Take the bank details from my secretary and transfer the money and now leave, Alex says working on his laptop. Rumi leaves and closes the door with a thud.


After two days Rumi cries in front of her friend named Ryma. What will I do? That rich bastard thinks that his name is Alexzander that means he can conquer anything, including me. How will I pay the money?  What I earn is spent on my family and even I can’t tell this to mother as she is having heart problem. Rumi, even if you tell your mother what she can do for you. If you don’t pay the money, he will inform police and your mother won’t be able to bear the shock. I think you should accept his offer. He said that it is just a matter of one night and totally a business deal. Ryma says.  Ryma, its ‘One-night stand’ How can I do this? What if mother comes to know about it?  These business men are very shrewd and you are not his type. Ryma laughs. I can’t do this I am leaving and will talk to my boss Mr. Joseph maybe he can help. Rumi says and leaves.

Same night her mother had a pain in heart and was taken to hospital. Rumi calls Joseph to ask for money for her mother’s treatment but he was in Alaska. Doctor asks her to pay the bills because her mother has to undergo a surgery. Listening to this her brother Jimmy starts crying, she hugs him and asks him to be calm and assures that she will handle everything. Now, she has no other choice except to call Alex. Phone rings but nobody picks up the call. She calls thrice. Alex was exercising in gym and after the shower he sees his phone, he calls back. Who is this? Asks Alex. Rumi, your secretary gave your number and I am ready for the offer that you made. What, you mean. .one night... before Alex completes Rumi says,

Yes ‘One-night Stand’ and tears rolled down in her eyes.




Next Morning, Rumi meets Alex outside hospital and he says fine Miss Johnson I will send you the details and the address where you need to come and If you want to ask for anything else give me a call. Sir, Rumi interrupts Alex and says that she needs his help because her mother is in hospital and seriously ill. She doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills. Listening to this Alex asks her to send the bills and leave the matter to him. Within ten minutes hospital bills were payed and treatment of her mother started. Doctor told Rumi that she can take her mother home after one week.

 The day comes when Rumi has to go to Alex’s house. His house was a big mansion with beautiful garden and swimming pool. It strikes 7’o clock in the watch.  She tells the guard her name and with Alex permission she was allowed to enter the mansion. The beauty of the house was remarkable. It was decorated with antiques, Italian marble floor symbolic of old culture, paintings of Mona Lisa and other nature’s painting fascinated her. As she enters the hall servant asks her to go to Alex room and she comes back to reality from her fascination and realizes why is she there today. Servant tells her that Alex room is upstairs and he is in bathroom and asks her to wait in his room. His room was quite big and everything was kept in symmetry. While waiting she sends a message to her friend Ryma to look after her mother and her brother as they were alone at home. In case, if there is any problem asks her to text.

After five minutes Alex comes out from bathroom. His hair wet, his muscular body having curves in shape and sexy. Her blue-grey eyes meet Alex’s eyes and she quickly looks away from him. While combing hair he asks her; How is your mother? Is she discharged now? Yes, she is fine and at home Rumi replies. It is good that she is fine now he says. Are you hungry? Let’s eat dinner together as we have a long night she says to Rumi. Listening to this she feels annoyed. He looks at her expressions and asks her to relax and says that it is just a matter of one night.

After few minutes’ servants lay the dinner table. The most delicious and mouth-watering dishes were laid on the table. They both start the dinner. I like the paintings in your house, they are astonishing. Rumi says while eating chicken rolls. Last year, I purchased them at an auction when I travelled abroad.  So, you know about paintings, Alex asks. Yes, my father was a painter, he had a painting shop and people used to purchase from him to decorate their house because he had the rarest collection. Rumi says while drinking a glass of water. She added that it hardly matters if a house is small or big, it is happiness that makes a house a home and in fact I feel people with less means would also be able to decorate their houses with paintings if they don’t have to worry about earning bread and butter.


Alex eyes shines while listening to her and Rumi’s face brightens and she smiles. Her smile impressed Alex and he feels that her smile is like a blossoming flower. He looks into Rumi’s eyes that are full of pride. Her hair a mixture of brown and black colour, she wears a fancy shirt with an old-fashioned skirt. A simple girl with no makeup only little lip gloss on her lips. She is beauty.  He notices Rumi carefully. Suddenly, the phone rings and he answer the phone. June will reach here any time quickly finish your dinner and come to my room; he asks Rumi. He stands and leaves Rumi on dinner table. Rumi smile fades when she is reminded of her job.




Rumi sits silently in Alex’s room. He gets busy on phone. After a while she asks him whether he loves his fiancée or not?  He was surprised to hear an unexpected question from her and bluntly refuses. I don’t, I only love my business he says rudely. But his rudeness did not stop Rumi and says further that may be June is in love with you and you are going to break her heart. Rumi tries to look for an answer in Alex’s eyes. I don’t think that she loves me as I know her, she is far away from romanticism. She is a clever and smart business woman and for both of us it is not more than a business deal.  That’s it! Even if she loves me, I can’t help it because she is just a business friend and I cannot endure this business deal for the whole life. Alex replies. He lies on the bed. Rumi remains silent and keeps looking around the room, then Alex asks Rumi to change her clothes and wear something luscious for this situation and gave bags of dresses to her.


             Rumi feels awkward after listening to what Alex said. After Ten minutes Rumi arrives in a sexy night gown with night jacket. She looks stunning and sensuous that he couldn’t take off his eyes from her. Suddenly, they hear the footsteps of someone coming towards his room. My best friend has done his job, he says excitedly. He asks her to remove her jacket and lay on the bed so that it seems that they were resting. Next minute, there was a knock at the door and Alex goes to open the door leaving his shirt on the bed.  He shows surprise when sees June at the door and says that they were supposed to meet tomorrow. June pushes him away and enters the room and sees Rumi on his bed. The room smells of roses seeing this she gets annoyed and asks Alex to come out of the room because she wanted to talk to him. Nyon told me everything that you are with someone spending wonderful night and it is true says she. He takes his shirt and comes out of the room.


Alex, What the hell are you doing? Who is she? You forgot that we are engaged and going to get married soon she says angrily.  It was a one-night stand June, and just happened says Alex. What do you mean that it just happened? June pushes him to answer. I met her in a charity ball few days back and suddenly she came today to see me and it happened he explains. Alex pretends that he is sorry but June was so much infuriated that she removes her engagement ring and throws it on his face. She ran out of control when sees that he had already removed his engagement ring and asks him to go to hell. She leaves the house saying that she won’t see his face again. Pig! go to hell? Take your ring and I don’t want to see you. Alex runs after her to stop but she leaves and he smiles.

He comes back relaxed and tells Rumi that June has left forever. He expresses his happiness but realises that she had already slept. Quietly he goes towards her and was attracted to see her beauty while sleeping. Her face was quiet like a calm ocean and her hair covering her face. It seems that she has slept after long tiredness. He remembers that her mother is unwell and she had to look after her. Alex continuously looks at her and with his fingers withdraw her hair from her face and left her with the moist imprint on her face which was the first physical contact between them. He switches off the light and leaves. her to sleep in another room. His phone rings it was his friend Nyon who congratulate  His phone rings, a call from his best friend Nyon who congratulated him for getting rid of June forever. Alex thanked him and says that he will talk tomorrow. He keeps the phone down and thinks that how this night has changed his life.





 Next day morning, Alex gets up and goes to see Rumi and finds that she had gone. There was a note kept on the table and it was written:

 I hope that we would never meet again.




Alex smiles when he reads the note. He keeps the note in drawer and gets ready for office. He reaches office where his friend Nyon was waiting and seeing him coming he hugs Alex and says that no one can hold you forever in a sarcastic manner. He asks what would happen if she cancels the deal of Georgia shipping company. He replies that she won’t cancel the deal because I had made the agreement with such clauses with the client a week before without letting her know and now on cancellation, they would suffer heavy loss than us. He hears the voice of his father outside the cabin and asks Nyon to leave. His father enters the room angrily and questioned that why he had cheated on June? Alex didn’t utter a word and he left disappointed from him.

After two weeks he was waiting in his car at the traffic light. Suddenly, he noticed a girl with an umbrella across the road waiting for the bus at the stand. He asks his driver to stop the car near the stop. He opens the window and asks; do you want a lift?  Rumi was surprised to see Alex. She smiles and says thank you! The bus will arrive soon. Alex looks out of the window and says that it is going to rain heavily, he can drop her where she wants to go. Rumi thinks for a minute and agrees to go with him.  Finally, the mirror is repaired now? Rumi asks while sitting in the car. He replies yes, it was done long time back but this is another car. So, what are you doing now? He asks Rumi. I have just started my new job with Skyler firms. Rumi replies. This firm deals in event management, isn’t? Alex asks her. Yes, it is a small firm which organises events like charity, marriages and few business parties. Rumi replies excitedly. Alex notices the expressions on her face and the movement of her lips.

Alright, you were a part of that charity program where this mirror incident happened, he says laughingly. Yes, I did it on behalf of my friend Olive because he was ill that day. I manage the events, she replies.  That charity event belonged to you asks Rumi. Yes, every year we raise funds for poor children on my mother’s birthday. We usually give contract to nuclear firms which can handle such big projects like ours because they hire experienced staff to handle the events says Alex. Then after a while Rumi asks him to stop the car. She thanked him and comes out of the car pointing towards the street where she lives. Miss Johnson, why did you leave that note, ‘hope not to meet again’? Alex asks.  Rumi was surprised and answers that she did something which she never wanted to do. But we have no control over destiny. Bye sir!

Alex comes back home and looks at the pictures hung in his house and remembers Rumi’s words that we have no control over destiny. He checks his phone, reads message from his dad, Nyon message reminds him to plan the engagement party of his sister Catherine. Alex smiles while reading the message because of his relation with Catherine who always treat him like her own brother Nyon. This remembers him of his own sister Ellen who is married and living in Australia with her two kids. She loves Alex very much and last time they met was on the day of Alex’s engagement. He calls Marie, his secretary to find out the details about Skylar firms while drinking coffee.


Chapter- 7


Next day morning Nyon comes to Alex office to discuss about the arrangements of Catherine’s engagement party. He says that the event should be given to Nuclear Zenta firm because they are best in their business and even, we have good relations with them. What do you say? Asks Nyon. I think this time we should give the contract to Skylar firms because they are also good in business, Alex replies. But it is a very small firm and I don’t think they can handle such a big event, Nyon is confused and says nothing.  Yes, it is a small firm but I have checked their reputation and potential to host such an event, we can give them a chance. Alex insists.

 Mr. Alexzander Bruke, CEO of Bruke holdings is stalking small firms. When he already has better options. Is there anything special about that firm? Nyon asks sarcastically. I am just suggesting, that’s it! If you don’t want, we can go for a nuclear firm. Alex says. No, my friend I trust you because I know Catherine is dear to you than me. I want you to decide because you will choose the best. Says Nyon and leaves. Alex calls Marie and tells her to give the event to Skylar firms. The Day comes, 3rd July 2019, Catherine’s engagement day for which everyone was waiting eagerly.

 Catherine looks beautiful in pink. Her soulmate George couldn’t take off his eyes from her.  Alex and Nyon’s family welcome the guests.  The arrangements were excellent and wonderful. Well, my friend this company Skylar firms has done a great job from decoration, choice of flowers, food and to the gifts all the things are well done. Can we meet the owner? Nyon asks Alex. Yes, why not, meet Mr. Ray Benson, owner of the company says Alex. Nyon praises him for making extremely wonderful arrangements. Sir, I feel that my team deserves the appreciation rather than me and specially Miss Rumi Johnson who has done a wonderful job. He calls Rumi and introduces her to Nyon and Alexzander. Rumi gets surprised to see them. Rumi greets and shakes hand with them. Hello! young lady, you are the one who has made magnificent arrangements says Nyon and congratulates her.  Thank you! Sir, looking at Alex who was smiling.

 Catherine and George exchange the rings and everyone comes on the dance floor. Nyon asks Rumi to dance with him. Hesitatingly, she comes on the dance floor.  Alex watches Rumi carefully in blue gown. She looks pretty and adorable in a flower crown like a princess. Alex feels jealous when he sees Nyon going close to Rumi. They were talking and smiling which has an effect on Alex’s heart. Being envious Alex comes and asks Rumi to dance with him. Nyon leaves her hand and Alex holds her hand, looks in her eyes and begin to sway.

Nyon and you are best friends, right? Asks Rumi while looking into Alex’s eyes. Yes, we are best friends and his sister is mine sister too. You have done a great job. Congratulations! Alex says. Thank you! It’s you who referred Skylar firms. Rumi says. I just suggested the name because it is very important to build reputation in the business and big projects like this can help a lot, says Alex.  Rumi smiles and thanked him for giving an opportunity to organise such a big event to her firm. Today you look so beautiful just like a bridesmaid. Alex says to Rumi. Rumi blushes and laughs on calling her a bridesmaid. She laughs and says thank you that you didn’t call me a bride. May be one day, I will call you a bride. Alex holds her hand tight and they look into each other’s eyes even after the music stops.


                                                          Chapter- 8

 Alex and Nyon were playing lawn tennis in Tennis Club. You were right in giving the contract to Skylar Firms for Catherine’s engagement. I am thinking of giving the wedding event to them too. In fact, I will get a chance to meet Rumi again. Nyon says to Alex with a broad smile on his face. Alex feels jealous but did not react. Do You like that girl? Nyon asks. Why are you asking this question? Says Alex. I am just asking to know that maybe you are interested. If you aren’t, then, I can have a fling with her. Nyon talks like a coquette. She is free from obscenity so don't try anything on her. Alex says in a close clipped tone.

Do you know her? How can you be so sure about her just in first meeting? Do not scuttle says Nyon while they walk around the tennis court. Well, if you really want to know then listen, she is a girl with whom I planned One-night stand. I know if she wanted to exploit the situation, she would have done but the fact is she did what I ask her to do. She only played her role and went off. Alex replies. Nyon is astounded to hear this. After few seconds, Nyon wonders that if she is a pious girl then why she agreed for One Night Stand asks Nyon. Alex replies: Do you remember the boy who broke the mirror of my car? He is Rumi’s brother and later she came to me when her mother was hospitalised, he explains in detail about his meeting with her at first till One Night Stand.  Nyon is surprised and impressed, he asks him if he really likes her. No, not at all Alex replies. I felt so because you never talked about any girl in such a caringly, protectively manner before says Nyon smilingly. I think you are exaggerating the situation. Alex says and sits in the car and leaves.

 After some time Nyon calls Alex and says dear friend, how can you forget that today is Simen’s birthday and we planned to celebrate in a lounge. Reach there at six o’clock. Alex remembers it is 20th July today, Simen’s birthday. Simen is our college friend. He deals in the Topmost fashion brand online and in less time how he has made his brand the most popular one. He is a close friend but not as Nyon is. We three always have good time together. Alex changes his clothes and wears something that makes him look ravishing. Alex leaves for the party and meets his friends at the restaurant.  He saw Nyon, Jessica their college friend and Simen laughing together. When Alex arrives, they hug each other and converse. What about that girl Cherry, Simen? Nyon asks.  I broke up long back says Simen drinking a glass of whisky. I heard that you broke up with June asks Simen to Alex. It is an old news and I really don’t want to talk about it replies Alex. They look at the table where a group of three girls and a boy were sitting and spotted that the girl in black is Rumi.


Chapter- 9


Rumi is enjoying with her friends Ryma, Olive, Silky and Clare. So, Rumi we are here to celebrate your success. You received your first incentive. I think you should now settle down with some handsome man Clare says while drinking shots. Yes, she will someday find a one like Mr. Alexzander Ryma teases her. Shut up! Ryma nothing like that Rumi scolds her. Hey, look there a man in blue jacket is coming towards us says Silky and they all look at the man. He comes and stands beside the table and says Hi, I am Simen Hudson. Would you like to join us? points to the table where Alex, Nyon were sitting. Silky agrees and walks to dance floor to dance with him. After silky leaves Olive asks Rumi to dance with him and they both go to dance floor.

Alex sees Olive and Rumi dancing holding hands; he turns pale and feels uncomfortable. After a while Simen asks Rumi to dance with him and Nyon dances with silky and Ryma. Only Jessica and Alex were left and see them dancing. Simen is really a pig look how he is flirting with that girl; he easily moves on from one girl to another. Jessica says while drinking. Alex could not stop himself and takes Rumi away holding her hand from Simen. He is surprised to see Alex’s reaction. What are you doing? Rumi asks Alex.  I didn’t like you dancing with this flirtatious man. I can take care of myself says Rumi and sits with Olive who was sitting alone. Alex didn’t like her attitude because he always over looked girls though they try to allure him but she was the only one who has ignored him.

Olive drinks excessively that he even did not realise that what he is doing and the hang over pushes him to cross his lines.  He hugs Rumi and tries to kiss her. Seeing this, Alex could not control himself and slapped Olive. Everyone was stunned to see this. He holds him from the collar and warns him to stay away from her, Nyon stops him. Olive leaves the bar and Rumi with her friends moves out and their party was over.

Simen and Jessica say goodbye and leave too. Nyon asks Alex to stop the car because I think we need to talk. He stops the car and Nyon shouts on him that what he did at the restaurant will become the headline of tomorrow’s news which can affect the reputation of his company. A new deal has to be signed tomorrow and you know how your dad would react if this deal gets cancelled. Nyon gets calm. I just did what was right, he tried to touch the girl without her permission and I taught him a lesson says Alex in an overbearing manner. Her friends were also there and she said that she can take care of herself then why you got involved in this. Nyon asks. I Don’t know but I thought that she needs me says Alex in confused tone. Nyon breaks into a smile and says, My dear friend! You are in LOVE!!!!!!!


                                                         Chapter- 10


Love! What nuisance are you talking about? says Alex in frustration. Just go and look yourself in mirror and you will realise that you have fallen in love with that girl.  One-night stand has brought you the love of your life. Nyon says sharply.  Alex reaches home seems perturbed by the day’s events, sits on the couch and thinks what Nyon said to him. He convinces himself that Nyon spoke everything in anger but when he closed his eyes, he saw Rumi standing, smiling and laughing. All of a sudden, he calls Rumi. She picks the call and he says, Hello! Rumi are you ok? Alex seems worried. Yes, I am fine. He is my good friend and may be because of hangover he behaved that way. I will talk to him Rumi replies.

No, in fact you should stay away from him. He is not good enough for you. I mean as a friend, says anxiously. Even if I want to stay away from him, I can’t because recently he has joined the company where I work. Rumi says quietly. What! but he was working with another company, Alex asks. Yes, but now he has joined my firm and appointed at a senior position. Therefore, I need to maintain professional relationship with him. My mother is calling me, I need to go, by the way thanks for calling, goodnight! Good night! Says Alex and feels relaxed after talking to her.

 Next morning, Rumi reaches office and finds Olive as her boss sitting in front of her. Rumi, I am sorry for what happened last evening. We are very good friends but this is also true that I have feelings for you from the day, when I saw you for the first time. Presently, we both are doing well in our professional carrier and I wish to settle down with you for rest of my life. Olive speaks unhesitatingly and seeks for an answer in her eyes. Olive, I am sorry! if I ever gave you any wrong impression as you have always been a kind, sweet, and helpful friend nothing more than that. I don’t want to spend rest of my life whom I don’t love. I am really sorry and hope we will always remain friends and work like professionals Rumi replies to him. Alright, we are friends and now colleagues but please think about my proposal and if you can Rumi, pleads Olive.

Rumi’s boss Ray Benson calls everyone for a meeting in the conference room. I am fortunate that I have the most talented employees in my company and now would like to introduce Mr. Olive, head of creative team who will set new benchmark. As every organisation wants to be on top, so we decided to collaborate with another company which will help us to run our business smoothly in the market for that I have joined hands with one of the successful business men. Please welcome your new boss and our new business partner, Mr. Alexzander Bruke, owner of Bruke holdings.  Alex enters and everyone in the room stands to welcome him. Rumi amazed and Olive was aghast to see him.  When Rumi shakes hands with Alex, he speaks softly, I think we have no control over destiny and she smiles.


Chapter- 11

 Alex takes over sixty percent shares of Skylar Firms. The next event is to organise an auction for Bruke holdings in which century old things to be sold related to technology that can be used to get the information about business development. Prominent business personalities are going to attend this auction. Rumi, you have to make this event a success because you are a creative genius. Olive lauded Rumi. Bring some new ideas because tomorrow we have a meeting with Mr. Alex and he will finalise everything so that we can start the project. Rumi works hard with her team for the project. In the evening, when she comes out, sees Alex in his car waiting for her.


Can I drop you to home? Alex asks. No, thank you! I can manage myself Rumi replies. I know you can manage but I am going on the same road. She sits in the car and when he asks her for dinner, she couldn’t refuse him. They both went to country bar and were enjoying their dinner when she asks that what motivated you to buy company shares and become my boss. He smiles and replies that I always wanted to invest in an event management company as it is a profitable business. Is this the only reason? She looks into his eyes. What is the meaning of your name? Alex changes the topic and says, it means a person who is close to god. Rumi feels proud and blessed. Alex smiles.


 Next day, Alex finalises and approves of the idea for auction. Now everything is planned for such a big event. Alex stands close to Rumi and listens to the details of the project. I hope you are happy. You are now a part of such a big organisation, isn’t good? Alex asks Rumi. Yes, my dream has finally come true. What about your dream, sir? It seems an unfulfilled dream. That day, when I came to your house. I remember you told me about your mother’s dream and when you were in bathroom, I looked at the photos when you won lawn tennis cup at college level and on the back side it was written; mother’s dream is going to be true; she says with a smile. Did you look at my personal things? miss Johnson, Alex asks. No, I did not, it was on the table and I think you should fulfil your mother’s dream too. You still have a chance. You have become a successful businessman as your father wished. Now, its turn to fulfil your mother’s dream too. She tries to find an answer in his eyes but he leaves abruptly as called by Olive.


Alex was amazed to hear Rumi’s words. I forgot my mother’s dream. I should think about this. She has touched the soft and painful corner of my heart. She has given light to my obscure and forgotten dream. Alex mother’s face comes in front of his eyes and remembers that she always wanted him to be a sportsman. She loved table tennis. Even he likes the game. After her death he supported his father and forgot about his mother’s dream. Immediately, he calls his coach Mr. Edison and asks him to meet tomorrow.




The day comes and everyone waits excitedly for the auction to start. There is music and dance, the party goes in its own flow. As the auction begins. The famous business personalities flaunt off their money to win remarkable technology and things which belonged to ancient history. Hey, lover boy your girl gave another hit. No wonder she is amazing. She makes a person fall in love with her. Even the one who never took love feelings seriously. Nyon says while enjoying his drink. Alex shies like a college boy and says I agree with you buddy. By the way, where is my girl? I need to see her. His eyes looking for Rumi continuously.


He finds her sitting at the corner of a table with her team. It seems that Olive is giving instructions and she was listening to him carefully. Bastard! He is after my girl; Alex words are bitter. Nyon looks in the same direction, smiles and says that he is taking all his chances, Alex. I know that’s why he had quit his previous job and joined this company where Rumi is currently working. Alas! he doesn’t know that I am a man who never let his things go away from him says to Nyon. She is more than my girl; I took over the company to protect her from this idiot. I am watching his every move diligently. Nyon is surprised to see Alex reaction. He is a fool, Alex because he doesn’t know what he is looking for says Nyon smilingly.

After a minute, Rumi comes to Alex. Auction begins, of the finest things related to technology and pieces of literature. Things belonging to Bill Gates reaches the highest bidding and some belongings of Anne frank were bid to the highest price. Sir, it is time for your speech because even the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg shared precious words in the auction organised for some of his antique things. Hope you are ready to share few words with this huge crowd Rumi says politely. Of course, I am ready to speak my thoughts his voice is seductive when he looks into Rumi’s eyes. Rumi also feels some connection with him. Alex gives his speech. After his speech, everyone comes on the dance floor. (Music plays…. Celine Dion song, my heart will go on……).Olive dances with Rumi and Alex comes and asks for a dance, but before Rumi could answer he takes her away from Olive and dance on Enrique Iglesias song Hero.


I want to share something with you. Alex asks Rumi to come along with him. He takes her on the terrace of the auction hall. He holds Rumi’s hand and says that for the first time in my life I feel that there is somebody who understands and made me realize my forgotten dream. I am really thankful to you. Yes, soon I will fulfil my dream and my mother would be proud too. Your name really means close to god. You are an angel send by god. He kisses her hand and Rumi also gets closer and closer and they kiss fervently. The song plays (you are sky full of stars, and moon is brightened on sky...)

Chapter- 13


Rumi thinks about Alex all the time. She realizes that she fell in love with him on the very first day when she saw him in the office. Her feelings oscillate because she loves him so much. Silently, she does her work and keeps smiling looking at the phone which instantly rings. It’s Alex’s call.  How are you my love? What are you doing today? Shall we go for dinner? He asks. I will wait outside your office. Alex also fell head over heels for Rumi. Okay, I am waiting for the evening says Rumi. Her tone is polite and full of love. Olive notices her cheerful face since morning and asks her for the reason of her zeal or is there something which she would like to share with him.

No, I don’t think so and there is nothing to tell and she leaves. Alex was waiting for her to come and they leave for dinner. While having dinner he holds her hand and says trust me I will not let you go at any cost. Alex kisses her hand. I know Alex since the day, when you became the owner of the company where I work. Rumi smiles and holds his hand tight. I hope Olive is behaving well with you and if there is anything you want share with me. To this, Rumi replies that he is her boss and a good friend of her. Alex says that he doesn’t trust him and will keep an eye on him. Rumi smiles and says you are my possessive lover. Alex says yes! I am, he understands that she is conscious of his feelings for her. After dinner, they walk on the road and for the first time Alex feels he is a free bird and no more a framed business personality.  A man who is walking with his beautiful and adorable girlfriend talking about their lives, family and future.

When Rumi wanted to buy few things from the street market and he gives his card instead she laughs and gives the money to storekeeper and says that they don’t accept card only cash is accepted. He was touched by her chastity. He kisses her on lips. (blushes). She asks him to drop her at her place. When they reach outside Rumi’s street, Alex says that he wants to meet her mother. Not now, first, I need to talk to her and then will take you to her. I will wait for the day. Bye!  Alex says to Rumi and kisses on her cheeks. For now Bye! but I will take you to meet my best friend Ryma soon, Rumi replies.  Because she doesn’t believe that richest businessman of the city has fallen in love with a commoner! Don’t call yourself a commoner. You are special, very special for me. I love you very much says Alex. At the corner of the street a man envious of their love, looks at them in vexation. The man is none other than but OLIVE.



Rumi, I know you are an extremely beautiful and clever girl. In a short period of time, you have achieved so much. These words sound bitter to her. Rumi gives a look and says what you want to say olive. Olive understands and asks her to work for another event. Rumi silently goes and does her work. Then Alex calls and tells her that yesterday, he met his coach who told him that he must participate in the competition and if he is selected, then he could qualify for US-Open and then Wimbledon and show must go on. I am happy for you Alex says Rumi silently. What happens my love? Is everything ok? Is your mother fine? Alex anxiously asks too many questions from her. 

Yes, everything is ok but I am surprised at the strange behaviour of Olive. Rumi replies in sad tone. Don't worry about him I know how to deal with that asshole. His words soothe her.

Olive has his own plans deep inside in his heart, he loved Rumi very much. And he wanted to settle down with her for life. He calls Ryma to meet because he wants to be sure of Alex and Rumi relationship. In the evening when Alex and Rumi both watch sunset of New York in each other’s arms. On the other side Olive is curious to know and asks Ryma, if she knows that Alexzander and Rumi both are in relationship or is, he trapping Rumi in a fake affair. I don’t think he is flirting with her and moreover she is very happy with him. He already trapped her once so why would he do that again? Ryma suddenly checks her words and changed her topic and ask that day in the bar why you were trying to seduce her?  He tried to clarify her that he seriously thinks about her.  But that Alex interrupted and punched me hard. An idiot! olive couldn’t avoid his anger.

That day you also really behaved like a jerk Olive. You know that Rumi was really upset because of your attitude. She drinks while talking to olive. Listen to me Ryma, I love her and I want her and I am worried may be that business man   play with her feelings and leave her one day. He sounds bossy and demanding and not in a mood to accept his mistake. Olive, if she really loves someone else then don’t do anything stupid and leave her alone. Silky likes you and you know that, so you know better, she picks her bag and leaves the restaurant straight.

Olive is offended by her attitude. He leaves the restaurant to have a meeting with Mr Edward Bruke, Alex’s father to discuss about the new project given to the company. He is sitting in front of Mr. Bruke although he had already handed over the responsibility of the company to his son and doesn’t interfere in the company’s affair. But this event is being personally supervised by him because it was related to 44th anniversary of their company ‘Bruke holding’. Mr Olive, I know the auction event organised by your team was exemplary. I hope you know that Skylar Firms is also a part of our holdings now as my son owns maximum number of shares. Although I trust your capabilities but this event is very important to us. Hope you will make this day unforgettable. Edward admires Olive work and asks about the girl who made the last event a hit, what was her name?? (tries to recall).

Rumi Johnson, sir. She is a hardworking girl and even your son appreciates her work. In fact, they are very close to each other. Olive feels he has played a good shot. what do you mean? Mr Olive. Edward waits for an answer. Sir, I don’t mean anything. Yesterday, I saw Mr. Alex in my street where even Rumi lives and was very surprised to see them together replies Olive. May be has gone there to help her and if there is anything that I should know he would definitely tell me. Edward clarifies his son’s action. But deep inside he really wanted to talk to Alex. Alright sir, next time I will show the blue print of the event.  Olive feels over the moon that he has done a great job by talking about Rumi to him and rides high.


Chapter- 15

Alex’s father seems restless and seeing him Alex asks, what happened dad? Are you thinking something? If you are worried about company’s anniversary celebration then do not worry, I will handle it. Alex continuously looks at his father for a reply. No, Alex I will manage myself but can I ask you something my son? Of course! Dad, you can Alex replies. Are you very close to that girl named Rumi? Is she the reason to leave June? Alex was surprised and shocked with the questions of his father. No, not at all and she is just working in my company and there is no connection between June and her. Who told you this? Alex is curious to know. Olive saw you with Rumi quite close to her near her house Edward says hesitatingly.

Dad I just went to drop her and trust me I will come to you first if there is something to tell. Let this anniversary function is done and we will definitely talk as I have to fix things up. Alex gives him assurance. Now, don’t take any stress. Last week only your blood pressure was high and I allowed you to take the responsibility of the anniversary celebration as it gives you happiness otherwise, I would have handled everything myself. Alex holds his father hand firmly. Hope Alex there is nothing to hide Edward looks in Alex eyes and says.




Alex goes to meet his tennis coach and t Nyon also joins him. After having conversation with his coach, he tells everything about his dad’s interrogation with him in the morning. Alex, why don’t you tell him about Rumi, June and your dream to him?  I don’t think you need to hide anything from him. Nyon is asks straight forward from Alex. This is not the right time to tell him about Rumi either June or anything else because presently he is busy with anniversary celebration and you know how important it is for him.  If I tell him anything right now, he will get worried and that might affect his health. And the reason of my breakup with June can hit him hard.  Therefore, I am waiting for the anniversary celebration to get over then will tell him in the right way. First of fall I need to screw up that bastard Olive who had already played his shot. Just throw that asshole out from Skylar and this lesson is enough for him. Nyon says in anger. No, I will not do anything like that because may harm Rumi and I cannot put my love in danger so just wait and watch that what I will do with that scoundrel.

When Rumi was making some acquisitions for the grand event Olive asks her to come in his room. Rumi this event is very important for us. But there is something else that I want to tell you is that Mr. Benson wants me to go Germany for another new event which is again a big project for the company. Therefore, call everyone for a meeting because I have to give instructions to the whole team. After meeting he has to leave immediately for his flight which is around 8’o clock in the evening. Alex calls Rumi and asks her to come to his home tonight to discuss about the details of anniversary event. Alex, Olive is leaving for Germany tonight. Did you do anything about this? Rumi is curious but deep inside she is happy too. My love, I only taught him a lesson to cross his limits.  We will have a great time tonight. I will be waiting for you. Alex voice is seductive and full of love.



Rumi and Alex cheerfully work in kitchen. Cooking pasta with Russian salad. Alex holds Rumi while she chops vegetables. You are hungry right? Yes, I am and he kisses on her lips. Till food gets ready you can arrange the dinner table. Rumi replies and plant a soft kiss on his lips again. After some time, they both sit at dinner table chatting, laughing and enjoying dinner. I hope Your mom won’t worry for you; it is quite late saying Alex and fills her mouth with pasta. No, she won’t because she is out of town for two to three days and my brother is with our cousin and she puts some more salad in his mouth. Great! It’s a wonderful night. Alex holds and kisses Rumi’s hand.

After dinner they discussed about the anniversary arrangements. Will June come for the party? Rumi questions Alex. As much as I know her, she never looks back from where she gets offended. But one day I will say sorry to her because she is still a friend for me and I don’t want to start my new journey with someone ‘s tears.  Alex voice is soft and calm. Olive asked about us from my friend Ryma. Rumi says in a sad tone. You don’t worry about him, let that asshole enjoy in Germany only. Alex starts the music and asks her for a dance.

They both look into each other’s eyes in every move with the beat of music. Then Alex holds her hand and drags her into his bedroom. Remember the day when you came here for a deal. Alex says in a low tone. Yes!! Many things have changed from that night to this night and now it is time to celebrate love. Alex smiles and kisses on Rumi’s cheeks. Slowly, his hand holds her face and his lips go onto her lips. He freed her hair from her holder. His tongue is in her mouth and slowly he freed her from her dress. She shy’s but says nothing and unbuttons his shirt and soon they both fell on bed to make love. Alex worships her body and Rumi also feels the rhythm of Alex inside her.

Good morning! Alex kisses Rumi to wake her up. She smiles and they both drink coffee with breakfast in his room. I really don’t want you to go from this house he says and kisses on Rumi’s lips. Even, I don’t want to leave you alone, she replies with a kiss. But first I need to see my brother and then have to reach office because Olive has given me lot of responsibility. Don’t talk about that idiot early morning. Alex feels little jealous and Rumi laughs by seeing his reaction. Come on Alex it’s time to go and he drops her home. She invites him to a small but decorated house of hers which is appreciated by him. Alex meets her brother and they both jell up with each other. It was an unforgettable night mumbles Alex and reaches office.


                                                        Chapter- -17


Anniversary day begins with Mr Edward Bruke words and then the other shareholders share few words of honour for Mr. Bruke, his son and the company. The guests were shown the pictures and a little documentary on the journey of Bruke holdings. The guests sit and appreciates their hard work and courage that how he started his company with little money which is now worldwide famous and a profitable company. Alex sits with his dad and Rumi manages the media and looks after the other arrangements of the party.

Alex holds her hand downstairs and thanks her for arranging such a wonderful event and kisses on her lips. Oh Alex! I thought that you just had One-night stand with this girl but I was wrong it seems that you have fallen in love with her beyond limits. Hearing this they turned around and see that it was June, standing behind them. She offends him with her bitter words. She says that that day he said it was just a mistake and was shamefaced. In fact, I was thinking of forgiving you as your dad wants but you are still involved with this low standard bitch. Rumi starts crying and Alex seething with rage lifts his hand against June but stops himself when he sees his dad coming to him.

Alex, what is this? You said that there is nothing between you and that girl named Rumi and what June is saying is true or not?  Says Mr Bruke in vexation. Mr. Edward, I told you that Alex must be with that girl even he knows the significance of this evening for you and the company. She is artful and has trapped him in love. June doesn’t know what is she speaking (tries to stop her). June, mind your tongue! Don’t speak a word against her because you know nothing and saying whatever comes to your mind. Alex warns June. Alex don’t threaten her and tell me everything what June is talking about right now. I will tell you everything after anniversary and please don’t believe June for god’s sake. Alex begs in front of his father.

This girl is a gold digger! Edward says while looking at the crying Rumi. This shameless girl is still standing here says June rudely and Rumi crying, runs outside and leaves for her home. When reaches home she saw Olive talking to her mother and adding more to her misery.

Rumi enters her house and her mother Emly looked back at Rumi in anger. Rumi, I didn’t expect this from you. What did you do with that rich man just for money?   Go inside I will talk to you very soon. Emly orders Rumi. She goes to her room and after few minutes Olive comes and shows sympathy towards her.

I really don’t need your sympathy Olive and leave the house immediately says Rumi irritatingly. She asks him that he has manipulated the situation to his own benefit.No, I just told her about the real face of Alex Bruke says Olive. Thank god! I got a chance to visit Germany where I met Miss June and she revealed the truth that how he trapped you for his own benefit and being your friend, it is my responsibility to protect you from that malevolent and that’s the reason I told your mother about him but don’t worry I have convinced her that you are innocent and it was his ploy to trap you. Olive tries to hold Rumi’s shoulder but she immediately drags him back and asks him to leave her house because she can handle her affairs on her own.

Alex, why didn’t you tell me that you were already in a relationship with someone before you were engaged? Edward rebukes Alex. Dad, it’s not like that because when I got engaged with June at that time there was nobody in my life and this is also true that I had a deal with Rumi to get rid of this engagement and I am really sorry for my action because at that time things were different but at present I am deeply in love with Rumi. I want to spend my whole life with her. Alex gets emotional in front of his dad. She seems to be a gold digger! Dad! Please don’t say like that, he interrupts his father. Oh, whatever it is and leaves the room.

Alex is alone, hurt and remembers the face of Rumi and eyes filled with tears. His heart broke into thousand pieces when he saw her crying. He calls Rumi but her number goes switch off. Suddenly, June enters and stands in front of him. Alex can we talk? June asks. There is nothing to talk June, you have already ruined everything says Alex. He is still hurt and angry with her. She keeps her hand on Alex’s shoulder and says that you are every woman’s dream Alex and deep inside I like you very much and I don’t want anyone to hurt or fool you in any way. June waits for an answer from Alex. He withdraws her hand and says that this is my life and I know what to do. You know I really felt bad for what I did with you and wanted to apologize but now you don’t even deserve my apology. And listen carefully the girl I love is Rumi and next time if you did not hold your tongue and mind your own business then you will be in great trouble and you know me well. Alex leaves the room while threatening June. I think in fact you don’t know me well Alexander Bruke. June says in a cunning way and breaks the vase which was on the table.



Next day Alex goes to see Rumi at her house and after banging the door number of times her mother opens the door and asks him to leave. He says, “I will not go anywhere Mrs Johnson without meeting her.’’. Alex pushes the door and hurriedly goes inside and looks for Rumi in the house but didn’t find her. I told you that she is not at home and asks him to leave immediately. Emly shouts on Alex. Where is Rumi? He questions Emly. It is none of your business and slams the door on his face. He turns back and moves to his car.

Rumi’s brother Clay runs to him and tells about what Olive did yesterday. He hands over a piece of paper to him. When Alex opens and finds few words written which filled his eyes with tears.

“Alex, I think we cannot share the same destiny. This love has hurt me the most. I want to find my new path without you.””


Good Bye!



Alex asks her best friend Ryma about Rumi but she tells him that she really doesn’t know where she is and her mother didn’t tell her anything. I only got a hint from her mother’s talk that maybe she has left New York. She says that as soon as she gets any clue, she would definitely inform him. Alex kicks out Olive from the company and asks Ray Johnson to appoint another person in his place. He says that we need to appoint two people because Rumi has mailed her resignation too. Alex feels bad and is devasted.


Two weeks passed and still he doesn’t know where is his love ? Sir, Miss June manipulated the project and got the London deal cancelled. Mary informs Alex. It hardly matters to me our company can deal with this loss. Alex replies. Alex June has grabbed such an important project and you didn’t react why? Nyon asks. Alex already aggravated by the situation replies that I don’t want to see her face and if it costs this much then I don’t care. Now you are talking like a lover boy says Nyon. I know you miss her but don’t worry my friend, I know you will never let your love go like this and Nyon hugs Alex.

Even his father Edward sees his son condition and he stays overnight with him in his house and asks servant to tell him each and everything about Alex’s routine. He observes that he is only busy playing lawn tennis and is less interested in company’s venture because of his distraction all the big projects were handled by Mr. Bruke only. The day comes when Alex is ready to play US Open.


Alright son, you will definitely make the country proud in sports too.  I never knew that you wanted to shine in the sky of sports specially in tennis. Why didn’t you tell me this before? Edward questions Alex. Dad, in this business world I forgot my dream, in fact my mother’s dream. Rumi made me realise that if I can fulfil my passion of running this empire then I should focus on what I really wanted in my life. But Alas! Now my soul mate is far away from me and I even don't know, where is she? Alex seems depressed from his voice and hurt, I really hurt her. Come on Alex! game is about to begin Nyon interrupts between the father and son.



Alex plays hard and loses two sets in the beginning then suddenly he boosts up and plays so well with new sports person name Henry Zerr. Henry also overtakes Alex and again he loses the game. During lunch interval Nyon motivates Alex and says that you played so well before that you can reach the finals and now what happened Alex? Just concentrate man! I am doing my best but I am not sure whether I win or not but yes, will try my best, my friend Alex replies. After two seconds, interval will be over and just remember one thing that your mother will be very happy on your achievement and even your love will be glad too, Nyon reminds him.

Interval gets over Alex and Henry play very well. While everyone thinks that Henry will steal the game within few minutes. All of a sudden Alex sees his mother and Rumi smiling in front of him and deep inside his heart he knew that this is just a dream but he realises the reason that why he saw them at this point of time.  He plays a good shot and turns the game. Everyone in the audience cheers him and exclaims Bravo! Bravo! The court is full of people because they have come to see the richest man of the city playing in the court. Media covers the game from the beginning till the end and it seems that the whole New York city has come to witness the game. Nyon hugs Alex. His father gets tears in his eyes.

Media wants to talk to him. He receives the U.S. Open cup and when questioned by media that who all are behind his success? He answers that there are few whom he really wants to thank. First, his coach Philip, his best friends Nyon and Simon and moreover his mother, Jessica.(After a pause )he smiles and says that there is one more important person in my life who is behind his smile and her name is Rumi .Alex calls Ryma asking about Rumi but he didn’t get any answer and then he decides to hire a detective  who is going to fetch information about Rumi.

We will celebrate your success and it’s your dad’s birthday too. There will be double celebration tomorrow. Nyon hugs Alex. Nyon, I am in no mood to celebrate anything. You can come to my place to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Just three of us, says Alex and leaves for a meeting to board room.

Next day evening, Nyon with his parents Mr. Charlie Hamburg and his mother Gale come to Alex’s house for celebration. Simon, Jessica, Catherine her fiancee George and Alex’s sister comes with her husband Chris and two children to celebrate. Everyone looks happy and cheerful. Mr. Edward laughs with Nyon’s father Charlie but Alex seems sad. Nyon and his friends try to cheer him up but all in vain, his eyes reflect the darkness of his heart.


Son, where is my present? Edward asks and hugs Alex. What do you want dad? Tell me I will bring for you but as I know you have everything Alex says and everyone laughs. Nothing can fill what is missing in my everything, son. Alright, don’t bring anything for me but I have something for you to celebrate your success Edward comes closer to his son and hugs him. I don’t need anything dad he replies. Ok, first go on the terrace and later decide that you really want it or not. Edward pushes him to go and look at his gift. Alex feels embarrassed but being insisted by his father he goes to terrace to get his gift.


                                                         Chapter- 20


 Terrace is decorated with balloons and lights. Alex turns around and looks there were only balloons of red and pink colour with colourful lights. OH! Dad you are impossible exclaims when finds nothing on the terrace and when he turns back to leave, he hears Christina Perri song:

            I have died every day, waiting for you

                     Darling, don't be afraid

                           I have loved you

                        For a thousand years

He notices Rumi standing with a smile in the middle of balloons and lights. He could not believe his eyes and runs towards her. They look into each other’s eyes and he embraces and kisses her madly and deeply. Everyone gathers around them and clap. Hope you like the gift, my son. Edward smiles. Oh dad! You have really given me my world and hugs his dad. I always want to see you happy Alex and this lucky girl has changed my son for good. I am pleased to see you happy. Everyone let’s enjoy the party. Edward announces.

Nyon and Catherine meet Rumi and after few minutes Ryma, Silky and Olive also join the party. Ryma hugs and kisses Rumi, Olive feels sorry for what he did and has realised Silky’s feelings for him and now they are together. Nyon asks Ryma for dance. Simen and Jessica also dance together. It seems like everyone has found their soulmate.

Shall I take my love from this party? Alex asks Rumi and within few minutes they both were walking near by sea. Where have you been these days? He inquiries from her. I was in Alaska but few days back your dad came and asked me to come back with him. He apologised for his behaviour and today I am here with you. Does your mother know about it? Asks Alex. She knows that I was in Florida with my aunt. I told her before leaving the house but when reached Florida, I changed my mind, and leaves for Alaska where I worked in a firm that organises wedding. Rumi replies with a kiss on Alex cheeks.  Why you did not tell Ryma about where you were going? I didn’t because I knew you would come and I really wanted to stay away from you. But the day when your dad came and said sorry even, he told me about your sports journey. I understand that I was wrong in running away from my destiny tells Rumi to Alex while looking into his eyes.

Rumi, we will always be together because our destiny has brought us to walk together in the journey of life. I want to marry, have kids and grow old with you he kisses her and she kisses him back. Yes, Alex I love you. You know I fell in love with you when I saw you in your office for the first time but never expected much in life because I know you are like a prince for me and this is not a fairy tale. Rumi hugs Alex. Alright then you should be thankful to me that I asked you for one-night stand and I fell in love with you. Alex kisses Rumi. Yes, One-night stand!  I want to spend my life with you, Alex says Rumi with a shy smile. Alex laughs and says yes, every night but NO DEAL!!!! they laugh, kiss and moon and stars watch them.